Django VS Laravel: Which is the Right framework for your Startups?

Django VS Laravel: Which is the Right framework for your Startups?

What will you choose Django or Laravel for your next web app development project?

A website development framework is a collection of different resources and interactive tools which is mainly used by web developers to develop and manage web applications. The aim of these frameworks are to support the creation of a web application that is going to resolve real-life problems.

As the usage of various technologies has been increasing continuously; there are many website development frameworks that are available in the market which you can choose for your project. Let’s explore the most popular Django and Laravel framework.

Laravel is the open-source PHP Web Development framework which follows MVC (model-view-controller) architectural pattern to provide better user experience to their users. It mainly offers a plethora of features such as innovative template engines, various libraries, and a secure migration system. The main objective of laravel community is to make the entire web development process easier and quicker compared to other frameworks.

Django is the open-source framework which is the most popular framework around the globe. It was developed to build web applications using python. It is highly scalable and offers high level security to their users. It is mostly used for building complex web applications which ensures the quality of the website and a high level of security.

Let’s Discuss the Primary Difference Between The Django and Laravel.

1) Type:

As I mentioned earlier, Django is an open-source framework which has gained immense popularity among developers, this framework provides multiple libraries, API, and various templates. It mainly follows D.R.Y principles in terms of web coding. When another side, Laravel is also an open-source PHP web development platform which makes the entire web development process easier. It provides main features such as authentication, sessions and many others. It is mainly used for building large and powerful web applications.

2) Programming Language:

Django is one of the most popular programming languages which is highly preferred choice among the developers. Basically, Django follows the Model View Template (MVT) approach. As per the TIOBE programming community, Python is on the fourth position and second most popular programming language on GitHub. And on the other side, Laravel is the PHP web development framework which mainly known for its security and follows MVC and OOP concepts. As per TIOBE programming community PHP on the 7th position and 5th most popular language on GitHub.

3) Companies Using This Service:

Django is the scalable web development framework which is more in demand. It is used in developing the following websites such as Instagram, Udemy, Mozilla and many others. While In Laravel, there are numerous enterprise projects built using this framework. Here are a few of them- Toyota hall of fame, camping world, CEENTA and many more. Mainly, it is popular for its security, reliability and flexibility compared to other web development frameworks. If you have any web app idea and want to turn your dreams into reality, then you can Hire Laravel Developer from any leading web development company. Thanks for reading!