What’s New in Laravel 6?

What’s New in Laravel 6?

Refer this blog to learn about the new features in the recent Laravel 6.0 release.

Laravel is one of the PHP web development framework mainly used for building enterprise web applications. The team of Laravel and their community focus on providing numerous features which are used day-by-day across the world. Their extensive features will help you to enhance your web performance and boost your sales. The regular intervals of updating versions make laravel more consistent and robust.

Recently, the community of Laravel has introduced their latest version which comes up with bright improvements that will help during the process of debugging and developing web applications.

Here Are A Few Features Of The Latest Version of Laravel 6.

· Semantic Versioning

The latest version of Laravel supports semantic versioning, which will keep track of the release notes of rapidly changing software. This feature will help you to be aware about the various different packages of Laravel. Along with this, you don’t need to bother about the big changes which come up with every major update.

· Separate UI Composer Package

In the older version of Laravel, there was a feature like scaffolding which was replaced by an independent UI composer package. This will allow developers to repeat the UI scaffolding, the one used by first-party. They can easily use it individually in any other framework.

· Lazy Collections

This is the main important feature which web developers are thankful to use. Using this feature, they can do their job easily and deal with large datasets. Lazy collections will work with other eloquent model collections because of the consumption of lower memory. In simple words, they don’t read the entire file in the memory directly but, they just keep safe and read a part of a file at one time.

· Localization

This is one of the features which developers usually ask for. Now, with the latest version of Laravel developers can allow their users to use their web application into their preferred choice. For better look and feel, they are allowing the right to left text layouts.

Moreover, these are a few basic features which will definitely help you to build large and enterprise web applications. If you are wondering how to build enterprise web applications for your business, then you can consult with any leading Laravel Web Development Company. Thanks for reading!