Importance of personality development in a student's life

Importance of personality development in a student's life
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Check out the importance of personality development in a student's life!

Children are the citizens of the future! Each child has qualities that make them unique! A persona which reflects the inner self and it can range from how they behave in a society, action, and reaction to strenuous situations, career skills and more. These organised patterns of behaviour make an individual unique.

All these qualities are generated from their education, physical and mental state and they can be improved by trying to develop their persona even when they are small students.

What is Personality Development?

A good personality helps to achieve a better social and professional life. Personality development is an approach to improve certain qualities which contribute to the overall personality of a person. This initiative should start early in student life. In India, most schools do not provide personality development programs to students, but one of the top schools in Mussoorie, St. George's College is one school that focuses on personality development of students right from a young age.

Why do students need personality development?

Character, attitude, behavior and environment are the main factors that give shape to the personality of a student. All these traits hone the inner and outer personality of a person and add to self-confidence and self-esteem of the student. They can create a positive impact on communication and representational skills. But a person has to constantly work on these traits as they do not develop by themselves.

The role of personality development in the career

Personality development certainly can create a positive impact on the career of an individual! As it encourages the practice of remaining calm in difficult situations and the ability to work under pressure, it can play an exceptional role in enhancing the career. Apart from that, factors like technical skills, extra-curricular & managerial skills, open up more opportunities for the individual. Personality development can also lead to enhanced communication & leadership qualities along with public-speaking skills that can be a plus point for the future career.

Who can shape the personality of a child?

Personality development should be initiated at a young age. Parents play the most important role in this. In addition to that, the school, teachers, elders, family, environment, friends - all contribute their share in moulding the personality of the child. Experts in education suggest that students should develop an outgoing nature to improve their personality. Therefore, you must always try to give the best education to your child.

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