9 Tips To Save Money On Car Rental San Francisco

9 Tips To Save Money On Car Rental San Francisco

No matter your type of traveler, it doesn't really matter. There is no reason to pay more than necessary for car hire.

No matter your type of traveler, it doesn't really matter. There is no reason to pay more than necessary for a car hire.

I have rented more SUV rental car service in my expat years than I can remember. Here are my top tips to help you find the best car rental deals and avoid any pitfalls.

The smallest car rental available

Car rental companies tend to keep a majority of mid-sized cars on their lots, as most drivers prefer larger cars. The theory is that you could be eligible for an upgrade (at your risk) if the smallest car you reserve is available. This could explain why standard-sized and compact cars often cost a few dollars more than economy cars (the lowest category).

But logic dictates that you will save money if you get the upgrade. If it makes sense, I will pay a little more for a better car. However, many people choose to upgrade and are successful.

Insurance Decline

If you don't have any other car rental insurance coverage, decline the offer. To avoid being sold insurance, check your credit card and travel policies to confirm that you have rental car insurance.

Do not be seduced by the counter

Online bookings were very affordable for a Maui rental car. I was confused when the man at the airport car rental desk said that he would upgrade us to a BMW. I assumed that meant that I would be charged no additional. After a long wait and some computer problems, I found out that the taxes and fees for the car were higher. Insurance is a common upsell at the counter.

Avoid Airport Fees

Taxes at airports are often added to car rental fees. You may find it cheaper to use a hotel shuttle to get to a nearby hotel to rent a car. Many San Diego hotels have car rental desks located in the lobby. It may be worth paying for a taxi, depending on how long you stay.

For an example, if I had to rent a car in San Diego from a car rental company in downtown La Jolla, and lived in Hong Kong, the cost of a San Diego airport rental car would be about 20% higher than it would have been for one in San Diego. It all depends on season and inventory, as well as whether you value the convenience of an Airport Car Rental.

Do not forget to fill up your tank

It's easy to forget about filling up your rental car gas tank when you are rushing to catch a flight. Don't forget. The car rental company will charge you twice as much, if any.

The Fine Print

Look for hidden charges... always. If they try to sell you an upgrade over the counter, the taxes on the "free upgrade" are not always free. If you are not responsible for the damage, make sure to verify that the damage has been recorded on the paperwork.

Register for a Frequent Car Rental Program and Get a Free Passport

A great way to avoid being sold to is to join Avis Preferred, where your keys are often available at a kiosk so you can grab them and go. This eliminates the need to interact with the rental car check-in staff face-to-face. You'll also be able to skip the long lines at preferred check-in counters, and you will earn points for each rental.

Book Early

The date you travel, the more expensive car rental rates will be. Once you confirm your travel dates, lock in a cancellation rate. Check prices periodically to see if there are any better rates.

Research Car Rentals Online

It is worth comparing rates online as knowledge is power. Be sure to check that final pricing includes taxes and booking fees.

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