Mattress Protectors: A must Have

Mattress Protectors: A must Have

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Other than providing support to your mattress, as an extra cushioning of sorts – mattress protectors help keep the mattress in place with help of elastic edges. One needs to check the thread count carefully before investing on a waterproof mattress protector.

Mattress Protectors: A must Have

Benefits of Mattress Protector

Health concerns re a major reason for opting for a mattress protector – you wouldn’t want any bodily fluid to be transmitted to you, do you?

The many types of protection a mattress protector offers are:

1. Wear and tear – The daily in and out of bed by you and your family is bound to offer a lot of stress on the mattress protector. What keeps it from easily wearing and tearing out is the mattress protector. Forming a barrier between you and your mattress – the mattress protector does its basic job very well.

2. Allergens – With pollen season around the corner – it is essential you invest in a mattress protector that keeps you covered from the dust, dirt, grime, and allergens such as pollen. Regular washing of the protector will help prevent the dust allergens to settle on to your mattress, at the same time keep away possible dust mites. Pet dander and hair are also graciously kept away from causing an allergic reaction in you with the help of a mattress protector.

3. Bed Bugs – How would you ever sleep tight If you let the proverbial bed bugs bite? A mattress – if fully enclosed – helps create a barrier and keep away the bed bugs. Extremely harmful for your health and obnoxious creatures to get rid of – bed bugs can make their home in your prized mattress if not for the protection offered by your waterproof mattress protector from the house of Seven Stitch UK.

Mattress Protectors: A must Have

4. Comfort – What better way to start your day when you have a multifunctional pad on top of your bedding. A thin, padded protective sheet that is meant to hold your mattress in place – giving you a secured sleep and offering a gentle touch at the same time.

How to pick:

Make sure to look for the following when you are picking for your extra deep fitted sheet a mattress protector.

a) Memory Foam -They mold to your body shape and maximise comfort. It is a great addirion to make to an aging mattress.

b) Featherbed – Great for pressure point, these help to absorb heat, helps you stay cool at night.

c) Cotton with Latex / Wool – Optimal for temperature control.