Key Features of an SEO Project Management Tool

Key Features of an SEO Project Management Tool
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SEO project management tools are all in one platform that streamlines the organic marketing campaign.

When it comes to digital marketing, one thing that strikes the mind of online entrepreneurs is search engine optimization. And there is no doubt why. SEO is an online marketing strategy that doesn’t only drive massive organic traffic to the websites but also saves a fortune associated with marketing on the internet. This strategy helps acquire targeted and warm leads by delivering the content that people search for actively on the search engines. However, believing if only you write, the rank will be yours, is not right. A plethora of trusted brands with high-quality links have already been writing and posting content with the latest updates and is also preferred by the search engines to others. It is this cutting-edge competition that pushes the requirement of a software tool upwards.

SEO software is an all in one platform available in a wide variety of range and can be chosen and customized as per individual business needs. Gauging the performance of the organic marketing campaign and streamlining the research process is what this platform is supposed to do. Tasks that SEO project management tool is expected to perform include rank tracking, on-page auditing, keyword research, and competition analysis. Once the content is ready, it is the features of this software that play a vital role in driving maximum traffic to the website. Read on to acknowledge these features and make sure to include them in the platform you are planning to invest in.

# Rank Tracking

Tracking the shifts in the rank of a website is arguably the foremost priority of every digital marketer. It helps the marketer understand the position of the website in the search result and determine the keywords leading to that shift. It is a bit complex operation that can lead to erroneous manual actions; hence, digital tools are preferred for gauging how on-page audit, specific keyword, and competitors’ strategy has influenced the website’s rank.

# On-Site Auditing

On-site or on-page auditing means the editing of the content or digital assets present on the website. Having an automated tool can spruce up the quality of this task as there are several areas on the website that might require changes but what changes they need is suggested by this feature optimally. Moreover, implementing extremely necessary changes is better than introducing too many unnecessary tweaks.

# Keyword Research

Without keyword, even a well-written content is a scrap in the digital media for visitors are driven on this platform through reliable keywords only. Hence, investing in a tool that contains a keyword research feature, which also unveils the phrases related to the primary keyword of the business, becomes pivotal for the success of the overall campaign.

# Competition Analysis

Analysis of the competition doesn’t confine to their organic search results but goes far beyond keywords analysis, backlink analysis, metric analysis, and social media presence analysis. Since it requires dealing with voluminous data, the role of the digital tool becomes more prominent.

In the SEO world, project management is a comprehensive job and integrates enormous tasks like tracking the rank, on-page optimization, researching reliable and viable keywords and phrases, and analyzing the competitors’ strategies. Thus, digital marketers use software with features to support all these tasks and alleviate their manual workload.

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