5 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring Smart Valet Parking Services

5 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring Smart Valet Parking Services

These days, valet parking services add some extra sophistication and class.

If you are willing to maintain an organized parking system, then hire some professional valets. Check some crucial things to make sure that you are choosing the right and smart valet parking service.

But how can you choose the right valet service that will greet your guests and make them feel special? You should always choose a pro who has ample experience in handling a large or small program and parking.

I am sharing the 5 essential things that you must consider while hiring a valet service. Let’s have a look.

1. Experience

Always look for professional valet service or parking company that has a long working history in this business. If they have already managed a parking operation in your location, that will be too good for you. Make sure how much they are aware and concerned about the guests’ vehicles and parking. Don't forget to ask the valet company manager about how they will plan to manage parking, traffic, and the overall event to park the guest vehicles.

2. Price Range

Ask the valet company to send you a detailed proposal, where everything, including the quote, and all other fees, have been mentioned clearly. Check the proposal to ensure that all single details are included, like staff and parking times, etc. For your events, book the valet attendants to be present 30 minutes before the event starts. I checked and confirmed that there shouldn't be any hidden fees or tracking fees charged on your final price. Everything must be transparent and discussed in advance.

3. Reputation

Referrals and recommendations are the best ways to find reputed and smart valet parking companies. Check out some of the third-party online reviews to get an idea about that particular valet parking agency. We have a great online reputation; you can check that out and consider us your professional valet parking team or agency.

4. Technology

These days, if you are not a tech freak, you won’t be able to run a successful business. So, check out what technology your preferred company is using to manage their parking operations. So many companies are now not using any paper tickets. Rather, they have switched to smart technology, using their own application for valet parking. Now you can avail of auto valet parking, without any hustle, and this upgraded technology creates a better user experience for your guests.

5. Insurance

You should always be ready for the worst scenario. Accidents or any other instances of liability can take place when you are dealing with reputed valet service. That's why you should hire a company that has complete insurance. so that the company can tackle the situation at any cost.


A well-organized and well-implemented valet service provider can reduce your difficulties and save you time. You can welcome your guest professionally and they can enjoy your party without thinking about the parking slot, and car damage issues. These are the benefits of hiring a smart valet parking company like us. If you need parking management for mall, you can let us know. For more details, drop an email or contact us today.