A Child’s First Dental Visit Fact Sheet: Children’s Dentist Long Beach

A Child’s First Dental Visit Fact Sheet: Children’s Dentist Long Beach

Are you planning to pay a visit to your dentist with your child? But when should your child first see a dentist?

At younger ages, it is also good to visit, but as per the experts' recommendation, you should take your child within 6 months of the first tooth eruption or at least within 12 months.

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During your first visit, the dentist can share information on:

  • Baby bottle tooth decay
  • Infant feeding practices
  • Teething
  • Mouth cleaning
  • Pacifier habits
  • Finger-sucking habits

Prepare Your Child

For the first visit to the dentist, morning appointments are great for your young child. They are fresh and active at that time. Before you take your kid for pediatric dental care, give him or her a general idea of what it is. It is important to visit the dentist and try to create excitement for the ride.

Prepare Yourself

Before you visit the clinic, prepare a list of questions you are going to ask the dentist. If you are calm and cool and don’t show any anxiety, if you have a fear or dislike, it will automatically convert to your child. So, be relaxed and ask the questions or consult with your dentist about making your child more comfortable and excited for the next visit. Are you looking for the best children’s dentist long beach? Pay a visit to the Paramount Dental Speciality.

Prepare the Dentist

At your first appointment, share your child’s complete health history. Tell the dentist about the cavity filled, if he or she has a tendency to be defiant, anxious, stubborn, or fearful in any situation. Once you come on your first visit to our dental clinic, you will get the best guidance and the best children’s dentist long beach. For 10 to 24 months, your child can get upset when you take them to the dentist for a check-up, so it’s important to be friendly with them.

Protect your children’s teeth at home

Frequent oral health checkups are suitable for your family and children. But you should take some home precautions to protect your children’s teeth. Let’s see how you can protect it.

  • Before your child’s teeth come, clean their gums with clean clothes.
  • Start brushing your teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush when your kid's first tooth appears.
  • Stop giving your child a bottle of milk, sweetened liquid, or juice at bedtime or before putting them down for a nap.
  • Help your child to brush her or his own teeth until she or he is 7 or 8 years old.
  • Teach them how to brush and show them the brushing pattern so they won’t miss any spots.


It’s your first priority to take care of your kids' oral health. It’s time to inject these habits into them. Manage some time and pay a visit to the children’s dentist long beach. Contact our dentists to learn more about this long beach dental care services. You can drop an email to us. We will get back to you asap.