Your Guide To Get Football Scholarships in College

Your Guide To Get Football Scholarships in College

If you have the spark for sports and are willing to get football scholarships in college, then this is the best time to reach your goal.

If you have the spark for sports and are willing to get football scholarships in college, then this is the best time to reach your goal. Presenting you the good news that there are approximately 895 football scholarship programs across the USA and most of them are offering football scholarships to talented players or student-athletes. In this article, you will get all the information related to your football scholarship in college.

How many scholarships are given each year for football?

It is not possible to keep the exact record of how many football scholarships are awarded each year. Because every program is not fully funded and able to provide a maximum number of scholarships. But you can check this information to have some ideas.

Division Level-D1-FBS,Number of Teams-129,Total Athletes in Division-15,167,Average Team Size-118,Scholarships Limit Per Team-85,Scholarship Limit Type-Headcount.

Division Level-D1-FCS,Number of Teams-125,Total Athletes in Division-13,028,Average Team Size-104,Scholarships Limit Per Team-63,Scholarship Limit Type-Equivalency.

Division Level-D2,Number of Teams-170,Total Athletes in Division-18,889,Average Team Size-111,Scholarships Limit Per Team-36,Scholarship Limit Type-Equivalency.

Division Level-D3,Number of Teams-248,Total Athletes in Division-25,709,Average Team Size-104,Scholarships Limit Per Team-N/A,Scholarship Limit Type-N/A.

Division Level-NAIA, Number of Teams-85,Total Athletes in Division-9,102,Average Team Size-107,Scholarships Limit Per Team-24,Scholarship Limit Type-Equivalency.

Division Level-JUCO,Number of Teams-68,Total Athletes in Division-5,160,Average Team Size-76,Scholarships Limit Per Team-85,Scholarship Limit Type-Equivalency.

Division Level-CCCAA,Number of Teams-68,Total Athletes in Division-5,354,Average Team Size-79,Scholarships Limit Per Team-N/A,Scholarship Limit Type-Equivalency.

Football Scholarships Requirements

To get a football scholarship, student-athletes must carry a good score in both athletic and academic careers. Every individual coach has different methods to choose which athletes are suitable or right for his roster, that is why this procedure is quite crucial.

  • The athlete must be a graduate student from a high school.
  • Eligible students must complete 16 core courses and the minimum score should be a 2.3 GPA in all those courses.
  • Student-Athletes need to complete 10 courses among 16 before the junior year of high school.
  • Students must be required to take the SAT or ACT and score at least 400 on the SAT or 37 on the ACT.

How to Get Football Scholarships in College?

It totally depends on the coach of a team to award the scholarship to an athlete. Students or the athletes must be capable and strong enough to show a positive and immediate impact on their performance or they need to show that they have the spark to develop themselves into a key players. That is why it is important to find the right division athlete for the scholarship. Athletes need to match the criteria of the NCAA and NAIA. The higher recruiter’s grade and test score, the more school doors will be open to them.


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