Checklist of affordable handpan and the qualities to look for

Checklist of affordable handpan and the qualities to look for

Handan instruments are handcrafted musical instruments. This is one of the most recently invented musical instruments.

It was just back in 2007 when Panart had introduced handpan instruments to the world. In, the past few years this instrument has gained enormous popularity. And as a result of it getting a handpan had been a difficult task.

The huge demand for handpan instruments has always made it a matter to wait. Even though it was brought into concern that there are a few companies who are working on delivering a handpan instrument at a short notice period. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the best affordable handpan,

Some of the best Affordable handpan instruments

Happy buy Handpan

Happy buy Handpan 22 is one of the most affordable handpan instruments that you can buy. These musical instruments are made up of nitrogen steel and have 9 notes in them. These handpan instruments have their notes tuned such that you do not face any fluctuation in notes due to malfunctioning. You get a complete set of a bag, a stand, and mallets for turning and harmonizing as per your need. There are a lot of color options that are available in this kind of handpan instrument.

Handpan panniverse

Handpans from panniverse are on the higher side of the affordable range of handpans. It is another 22-inch handpan instrument that has nitrided gold-coated drums. The complete kit of this handpan includes a foldable stand and a case. This instrument is also available in 9 notes and 12 notes. If you are looking to buy something different from a normal handpan drum then this handpan instrument is one of the best choices you can choose.

Nova handpans

What is the Best handpan for beginners is a common question. Nova handpans are of the best handpan instruments that you can choose. If you are new to handpan instruments then choosing this instrument will benefit you. Handpans also come in 22-inch nitrided gold drums or nitrided silver drums to avoid rust. The kit includes the handpan drum, carry case, stand, cleaning cloth, and a mallet for harmonizing.

Teman handpan drum

Teman handpan drums are on the expensive end of the list of affordable handpans. This handpan drums are available in 12 designs that you can choose from. Teman handpan drums are made up of nitrogen steel that has undergone fire heat treatment. This kit also includes the handpan drum, stand, mallet, and cleaning cloth. The broad rope seal that is used to close the drum provides it with a beautiful look.

Qualities to look for while buying an affordable handpan drum


The first thing that you should look for while buying a handpan instrument. Most handpan instruments have a diameter of 22inch and a height of 10.2 inches.


The standard tune of a handpan instrument is D minor. Some of the other tunes are as follows,

  • Aelian G
  • Voyager E
  • Penta C
  • Hijaz G
  • Pygmy G
  • Material

Most handpan instruments are made up of nitrided steel to avoid rusting. Sometimes these instruments have gold or silver-plated drums along with other colors to add extra protection to the instrument.

It is very difficult to get a cheap handpan drum. The above-mentioned is a list of some of the best affordable handpan instruments that you can choose. Get the best handpan instruments from our store at an affordable price.