Seven situations when you need emergency dental care services

Seven situations when you need emergency dental care services

You can encounter a dental emergency at any odd time of the day.

And due to this reason, most dental firms are available at every turn, offering their emergency dental care services. At times, many of you suppress the emergencies, thinking it will be cured on its own, but this though even worsens the scenario, increasing the risks of dental threats. Here, we will discuss the most critical dental emergencies, when you should rush to your dentist.


People of all ages complain about toothaches. But only a few among them take actual steps to treat it, rest intake painkillers, worsening the condition internally. No dental pain should be neglected, you never know what underlying oral disease is producing the pain, you can even lose your tooth! So, instead of taking it carelessly, schedule an emergency dental care program as soon as possible.

Broken tooth

A sudden broken tooth can lead to severe pain and discomfort. If you leave it like that, the pain can get worse. So, it's always better to seek professional guidance. However, until you get professional treatment, you can try a warm saltwater solution as a temporary solution to ease the pain a little bit.

Missing crown

You might wonder what's the big deal in missing a crown or filling, but it is actually a BIG deal! And you should not make any delay in visiting your dentist.

Bleeding gums

If you do not treat your bleeding gums immediately, it can later take a massive shape, leading you to severe dental ailment. Detecting the root cause when your gum bleeds should be your primary priority, and only professionals can help you with this matter.

Swollen jaw

A swollen jaw, bad breath, the bad taste can be a few underlying symptoms of infections. If you experience these symptoms, pay heed to them and consult your dentist to get some emergency dental care treatments.

dislodged tooth

If due to an accident, one of your teeth gets dislodged, rush to your nearest dentist immediately! The dentist can even restore the tooth, but for that, you need to consult the professional immediately. For example, if you act within 10 minutes, the possibilities are high that your dentist can fix your knocked-out tooth.

Canker sore

Canker sores are pretty normal, but if it does not heal easily and rather get infected, then they are considered as dental emergencies that require instant treatment.

How emergency dental treatment can help you?

If you encounter any of the aforementioned symptoms and visit your dentist to get emergency treatment, you will be benefited in the following ways:

  • Lower risk of dental infections
  • Instant pain relief
  • Won't lose your tooth

Hopefully, now you know when you should seek emergency dental care. Not only in adults, but dental emergencies can also arise in kids and toddlers! So, it's always better to give them pediatric dental care every 6 months. If you need any oral care treatment, visit our clinic today.