How to detail a car exterior: Top 5 FAQs

How to detail a car exterior: Top 5 FAQs

Car detailing is not just about cleaning your car, it includes detailing and restoring the prior look of your car.

Have you ever thought of how to detail a car? If you are curious to know the ways by which you can provide the best detailing of your car, continue reading further.

Here are some of the questions that may arise in your mind while you think of detailing your car,

Q1. Which place is perfect to detail your car?

Whenever you think of car detailing your car always make sure that you find a cool and shady place. The water that you apply to your car evaporates quickly in sunlight leaving behind watermarks on your car.

Q2. What should be used to scrub your car?

The sponge has always been a traditional component of car washing. But it has drawbacks too. It catches dust, grit, and other dust particles onto its pores, and then later works as sandpaper onto your car. A Microfibre towel is the best thing to provide the best-detailing work for your car.

Q3. Can a car be washed using normal soap?

Normal soap or detergent is acidic in nature, and thus when applied to your car, it may cause issues to the exterior of your car. Normal soap and detergents fade the paint of your car due to excessive chemical content in them. Always choose soaps for a car to provide the best wash to your car without causing any harm to it.

Q4. What is the reason to apply a sealant to your car?

Wax plays a major role in protecting the paint of your car from the sunlight, and also protects the paint from getting scratches, watermarks, etc. You can also say that wax acts as a protector for the exterior of your car. Another advantage of applying wax to the exterior of your car is that it gives your car a glossy look.

Q5. How to dry your car?

Do not let your car dry under the sunlight. As we have mentioned earlier, sunlight dries your car quickly and thus leaves water and soap marks on your car. A microfiber towel is the best thing to rinse off the water from your car. Let the car settle in a cool dry place to get a clean and dry car.

Q6. What products are to be used to polish alloy wheels and how to treat chrome wheels?

Just as washing your car, start the process of cleaning your alloys by washing it. To get rid of the brake dust and other debris any acid-based cleaner will be perfect. In the case of maintaining chrome wheels, you can easily use shining agents that are available in the market.

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