Reasons why you need bathroom renovation

Reasons why you need bathroom renovation

Planning a hyper-functional bathroom design entails a great deal of space planning as well as paying close attention to fixtures and materials. However,

However, not every home has a fully functional bathroom, and the majority of them need to be upgraded and renovated. A bathroom renovation does not always imply completely deconstructing your bathroom. Simply replacing your vanity or shower can significantly improve the appearance and feel of your bathroom. Of course, you have the option of ripping everything out and starting over. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Fix underlying problems

Bathroom designs in America are heavily used, making them more prone to wear and leaks. A leaky sink or toilet can waste up to 700L of water per day. Furthermore, a damp bathroom is an ideal breeding ground for mould and mosquitoes. Water leaks cause rotting floors, mold problems, and electrical problems. Fixing these issues as soon as possible will contribute to the longevity of the space at the lowest possible cost. As a result, it is critical to ensure that all taps, faucets, and pipes are securely attached and replaced by home renovation contractors before any major damage occurs.

Boost the storage space

Increasing storage space allows you to meet growing demands while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Your bathroom can have the ultimate uncutterned look with open shelving, custom cupboards, and storage for used and new clothes.

Things to keep in mind while installing bathroom cabinets:

  • Bathroom cabinets can be used to store hygiene items, medications, toiletries, cleaning supplies, clothing, and towels.
  • The ideal location for these cabinets in small bathrooms is below the sink and sometimes above the toilet.
  • Waterproof plywood is one of the most durable options for moisture-prone cabinets.
  • MDF and particleboard are low-cost options for rental home bathrooms. However, they are not as long-lasting as plywood.

Update the look of your bathroom

The ultimate goal is to create a luxurious, spa-like experience. That means paying attention to installations, lighting, the right flooring, countertop, decor, and complementary colours.

Installing new tiles, bath fittings, or accessories in your bathroom will give you a new look, mood, and confidence. Modern elements such as brushed metals, textured tiles, and patterns should be used.

Add functional features

Before you start to break down walls and substitute flooring, you should have a good idea of what fixtures you'll need in a bathroom. Your bathroom should be designed to meet your requirements.

Here are some essential features you shouldn’t skimp out on:

Shower screen - While some bathrooms do not have shower screens, having one makes using the bathroom so much easier. This glass panel acts as a barrier between your shower (the wet zone) and the rest of the space (the dry zone), ensuring that the rest of the bathroom is safe and non-slippery.

Non-slip shower bases and slip-resistant flooring: Slip-resistant flooring is an important factor to consider when designing a bathroom. Choose non-slip vinyl flooring or ceramic tiles in a variety of designs.

These are the basic reasons why you need bathroom renovation. If you can relate to one of these, without any further ado call your contractors now!