Answers to some of the most common questions related to handpan instrument

Answers to some of the most common questions related to handpan instrument

Handpan instrument is new and unique in the music industry as compared to other historic instruments.

The craze and interest for this instrument have increased in past years. This article is all about the basic questions that are related to handpan instruments. Continue reading further to gain more knowledge in this newly invented musical instrument.

What is a handpan instrument?

Handpans are musical instruments that are played with hands. The shape of handpan instruments is cylindrical, elliptical or you might say UFO-shaped. These musical instruments are made up of metal sheets that are attached together to produce a resonating sound. The explanation may seem to be simple but it takes a lot of effort and efficiency from the craftsmen who make handpans.

Antiquity of handpan instruments

Handpans are a part of steel pans that have been a part of music culture in the Caribbeans. However, the sound of handpan and steel pans differ a lot from each other. Steel pans were first discovered in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1940s. In the year 2007, the evolution of hang instruments has brought in a new musical instrument, known as the handpans.

The working mechanism of a handpan instrument

You have been wondering, how a handpan instrument is able to produce such sound. The metal shells when perfectly crafted together create a vacant space in between them. The vibration of metal and air together construct a melodious sound. As every handpan is handcrafted each instrument has a different sound. Tuning of a handpan is bringing in all three frequencies into a single alignment. A perfectly aligned handpan will produce the best sound. An octave and a compound fifth are the notes that every other note of a handpan resonates with to produce good pitch and notes.

What is the sound of handpan similar to?

The sound of a handpan does not match with any other musical instrument. Handpans have a unique sound and that is the reason why handpans instruments have enjoyed so much popularity in such a short time. People differ in their opinion when asked about th sound of the handpan. Some say it has a relaxing sound, some say it has a mysterious or haunted sound and there are many who think the sound to be joyful. There are different varieties of handpan instruments with different notes and ranges. As we have mentioned that handpan instruments are handmade and thus every other handpan has a different reverberation.

Ways to choose handpan instruments

There are a lot of handpan manufacturers available over the market and they sell various varieties of handpan instruments. We will be mentioning some of the features by which you can get the most appropriate handpan instrument for yourself,

  • Scale that suits you better.
  • Type of sound that you want.
  • Quality of handpan instruments.
  • The built material of a handpan.

Hope we have covered up most of the quarries that people generally have regarding a handpan instrument. If you are planning to get a handpan432 hz for yourself, feel free to approach us as we have handpan experts available at our site to guide you to get the best handpan instruments from us.