Essential points to remember about Panoramic x-ray

Essential points to remember about Panoramic x-ray

Dentists and oral surgeons use Panoramic x-ray in daily life and it is considered as one of the best options for x-ray.

Panorama x-rays are normally used by dentists when they plan for the treatment of dentures, braces, and implants.

The common use of the Panoramic x-ray

A panoramic x-ray is a common diagnostic tool mainly used by dentists and surgeons in the everyday treatment of dental and oral needs. It covers a wider area and provides valuable information about tooth positioning, and other abnormalities in the bone. Dentists can provide you with all the valuable information about your oral health and they can even guide you with information about Straighten teeth. The guidance and instruction of a dentist can be very handy to get the best dental care. The use of panoramic x-ray machines by dentists is the most common practice performed by them for dental treatments. The machines are good for detecting other dental and medical problems like

  • Jaw tumors and oral cancer
  • Jaw disorder
  • Impacted teeth

Preparation needed

The best part about using Panoramic x-ray machines is that there is no special preparation needed. The expert may ask you to use a lead apron to protect your body from any radiation generated by the machine. If there are any ornaments or jewelry or any other metal objects in the area being imaged it has to be removed to avoid any interference. Pregnant women should always inform the dentist about their pregnancy because radiation extracted from imaging can have a negative effect so it is better not to expose the fetus to the radiation.


The Panoramic x-ray exam is painless and fast to perform. There are plenty of benefits about using panoramic x-ray which is discussed below

There is no radiation after the x-ray exam

Since there is no radiation in using a Panoramic x-ray there are no side effects and you don’t have to worry about any harmful infection and radiation. Many x-ray machines eliminate radiation which is dangerous for our body, skin, and sensible parts. Using Panoramic x-ray is just the opposite and you get great peace of mind.

Fast procedure

The machine is very friendly to use and anyone can handle it easily. There is no science that you need to know to operate the machine. Turning on the machine and having the patient bite into the groove into the bite block can get you a perfect x-ray image in seconds.

Easier for dentists and staff to handle

The operating capabilities of Panoramic x-ray machines are simple and any staff and dentist can operate them without too much technical knowledge.

Less infection control

With regular and traditional x-ray machines dentists have to wrap and unwrap the sensor after each and every patient. Disinfecting the censor holder, the machine tube head, the cone is done on a regular basis which is painful. You even have to dispose of the gloves used. With a Panoramic x-ray machine, it is just the opposite.

Many dentists still believe traditional bitewing x-ray is better for the good image which is a big misconception. Panoramic x-ray machines are developed using advanced technology which has special features allowing you to capture the best image. Services from professionals would be exceptional and you would also get all the updated information about panoramic x-ray and Straighten teeth. Make the right move and select the best provider to get the best service.