Dental deep cleaning: How and why?

Dental deep cleaning: How and why?

Dental deep cleaning service

The first thing that we understand when we hear the term dental deep cleaning is that it is cleaning of teeth after a messy meal or something that we generally do when we go for a dental check-up. As you all know there is a big difference between reel and real. Deep cleaning is something that is not possible to get without professional touch. Dental deep cleaning is also a treatment for periodontics or gum problems. In today’s blog, we are going to have a detailed discussion on deep teeth cleaning.

What is dental deep cleaning?

First of all, let us discuss what deep cleaning is. As we know it’s the process of treating gum diseases. Dentists refer to deep cleaning as gum scaling and root planing. Process of cleaning between the tooth and gum till the root of the teeth is called deep cleaning. The procedure is designed such that cleaning of the gum cavities can be done properly to ease oral pain. As in the case of standard teeth cleaning the dentist cleans the front, back, and sides of your teeth. This is similar to deep teeth cleaning. The only thing different is that in this case, the cleaning procedure goes down to the root removing the dirt and debris that are collected in the pocket between the root and the gum. Gum diseases like gingivitis cause widening and makes these pockets deeper. A strong tooth has a pocket of 3mm whereas your dentist will recommend you to have deep teeth cleaning treatment when the size of the pocket increases to 5mm.

Process of deep cleaning of the tooth

Dental deep cleaning comprises of two steps,

Periodontal scaling- This is the process of cleaning the pockets between the tooth and the gum. The residues and the tartar that gets collected in these pockets are cleaned using ultrasonic and electric equipment. After the cleaning is completed we can further advance to the next step of this process.

Root planing- Root planing is the next and final process to get the best deep cleaning of your teeth. An instrument is used to clean and smoothen the root of the teeth. The aim is to have a clean and minimized tooth pocket. Proper deep cleaning is performed by professional dentists. Next, the dentist cleans the tartar, debris, and plaques using scaling instruments. Smoothing of the root helps it reconnect with the gum. Gingivitis is one of the most common diseases which is treated and cured by deep teeth cleaning.

Benefits of deep cleaning

Gingivitis is a disease that can be cured by dental deep cleaning. We have a lot of bacteria in our mouth that mix with food and other substances and form plaque. This plaque hardens up and leads to tartar which can be removed only by a dentist. If not treated early when diagnosed, gingivitis may cause swelling and bleeding of gums, bad breath, and gradually cause tooth loss. The only way to have a healthy and tartar-free tooth is to have a proper deep cleaning of your teeth.

Dental Deep cleaning is something that you should opt for twice a year to prevent severe dental problems. We would always recommend you to visit a family dental care clinic to have a healthy and beautiful smile.