Everything That You Need To Know About the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Everything That You Need To Know About the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Role of NEMT Enhances the Health Status of the Community

According to many studies, it has been said that around 3-5 million people tend to miss their appointments with the doctor due to the unavailability of transportation facilities. This lack of transportation has created a huge negative impact on health and leads to higher costs. Hence, these people then get dependent on their friends and families to drop them off at the location. But what can one do, if these options also get restricted? No, worries now, as Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is here to help you.

For those who do not know, what NEMT is, here is how we can define it. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is defined as a transportation service that is available to persons who are not in any medical emergencies but still need some sort of medical support. These NEMT service providers are very well trained for carrying the passengers on stretchers and wheelchairs. This transportation assistance is both cost-effective and highly beneficial for the patients. In supporting patients who wish to ride safely to their doctor's location, non-emergency transportation has played a huge role. This mode of transport has gained rising recognition in recent years and is a significant part of every medical health care program.

Benefits of the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

These types of transportation services are of great benefit and hence you can find them everywhere in the country. Here are a few advantages of the non-emergency medical transportation for you.

•Equipped with Wheelchair

All the vehicles that come under the NEMT are equipped with everything that a patient requires. This is why a wheelchair has been an important part of these vehicles. We will not be wrong at all if we call them wheelchair transport services. This is added to ease the trouble for the patients if they are unable to walk.

•Independence to the Patient

The main advantage of non-emergency transport is the idea that it provides ease of movement for the patients. They can now meet and arrange their appointments with the doctors according to their convenience and then now worry about how they will reach on the day.

•Medical Professional Monitors You

On transporting by the NEMT services, you will also get a professional doctor for your assistance. For an instance, what if you have to go for surgery and need a doctor to monitor you on the way? You need not worry, as the NEMT provides you with a doctor who can assess your condition and provide your medical care if needed before the surgery.

•Can be Personalized

Every patient has their own needs, and they must be provided with all of it. Non-emergency transportation is here to help you by making sure that all the patients who take up these services are provided by the custom vehicles that have all the equipment that they would need on the way to the doctor.

Types of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service

There are various forms of non-emergency medical transportation services that we have discussed below that you should know about.

•Stretcher Transportation

This service is for patients who are completely bed-ridden and cannot even sit. This service certainly comes under the NEMT unless it is not a case of an emergency. There are plenty of reasons for which once can choose the stretcher service. For example, a patient who has undergone bariatric surgery can opt for it, as they are not able to walk for some days.

•Wheelchair Transportation

The patients that take up wheelchair transportation are the ones who cannot walk for their routine medical appointment. The NEMT vehicles used for such patients are equipped with some straps and restraints so that the patient remains seated comfortably.

•Door-through-Door Transportation

Patients will need this type of transportation service when they want to be taken from their houses and the dropped at the doctor’s place. Well, this will include a team of trained professionals who can enter their houses and transfer the patient onto a wheelchair.

•Air Ambulatory Transportation

These Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services are put to use when the patient wants to travel a long distance for a normal visit but is suffering from medical ailments like breathing disorder. Even though this is not a case of emergency, but still they require medical assistance that can help them travel safely. So, the NEMT services provide them with all the medical care which, in turn, makes it an important type of service.

Get a Reliable Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service!!!

In the health sector, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is becoming increasingly an important service. Every week, hundreds and thousands of individuals opt for NEMT for going to and coming back from the medical facilities. Many of these persons will be unable to access medical services without NEMT.

If your near ones also need such reliable and trustworthy non-emergency medical transportation services, then do not worry as we being, the best NEMT service providers are just a call away from you.