Metrics to Consider When Choosing a B2B Database

Metrics to Consider When Choosing a B2B Database

If your organization is in the market for a B2B database, you are probably valuing a provider that has sufficient contact records that they can provide. Having a large vendor of leads certainly opens up your options, but is it always the best choice for you? There might be more important factors to consider before deciding on a Canada business database.

Accuracy Rate

One of the most important factors to think about when deciding on a database is the accuracy of the leads they contain. You can have a database with many leads with a 50 - 60% accuracy rate while the smaller database can have one of 90%. The former, despite having more overall choices are going to be the much bigger gamble which is a waste of time and money in the nearly 50/50 chance that a lead is not working out.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Database Depth

A horizontal database consists of a greater quantity of companies but fewer contacts within each company. A vertical database is the opposite with fewer companies with more contacts.

Which is best will be based on your organization’s needs. If you are targeting a general persona (target audience), then it is best to go with a horizontal database as there are more companies to work with. But if you are working within a more niche persona then a vertical database would be best as they would be able to meet specific criteria more consistently.

Company and Industry Definitions

It’s common for Canadian companies database to use tricky words and phrasings that are technically true, but when you start asking questions or looking deeper into it, you start to realize that they are trying to turn heads and nothing more.

Businesses can decide to go through their past records, find the most impressive data and use that as a marketing point despite not updating this information since then. Yes, they might still be a great company to work with, but they had a great year before and that is what they want you to know.  A good analogy for this would to look at the food industry, they’ll use phrasing such as “includes whole grain” for example but isn’t actually a whole-grain product, you are meant to ignore the “includes” portion to believe it is healthier.

This is why it is good to be aware of what a B2B database company is providing you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions upfront to get the real facts, you deserve transparency since there is a lot riding on any B2B to do as well as possible. Call the Canadian phone number database and see if it is the right one for your business.