Accounting Consulting and Business Advisory for Business

Accounting Consulting and Business Advisory for Business

From launching your business and setting up your financial systems to planning for success, Scott Gray, CPA, CMA will help you every step of the way.

Scott Gray, CPA, CMA, and his team, have the knowledge and perspective to every issue, big or small. If your small business is struggling to turn a profit and you need help turning it around, we can provide strategic advisory services to help you gain insight into your challenges, work alongside with you to take corrective action, and implement change.

Whether you have worked with an accountant for years or it’s your first meeting, make sure you know what questions to ask.

Here are a few common questions to ask.

What records should I keep?

You need to keep track of business records to file taxes, measure profitability, and secure funds. Not to mention, you should always keep records handy in case of an audit. An accountant can tell you which records your business needs.

How should I prepare for tax season?

An accountant can file and remit your business taxes on your behalf. This includes filing all of those pesky accounting forms and remitting your tax liabilities to the proper agencies.

Scott Gray, CPA,CMA

What business expenses can I deduct?

Depending on your business and expenses, you may be able to deduct certain business expenses on your tax return. When claiming small business tax deductions, you need to be careful. Each type of deduction has a specific set of rules you must follow. Your accountant can help you iron out which ones to take advantage of and how to claim them.

How can I better manage my cash flow?

As a business owner, one of your main goals is to maintain a healthy (and positive) cash flow. To ensure your cash flow doesn’t head into negative territory, ask your accountant how you can better manage yours.

Scott Gray, CPA,CMA

What changes could I make to help my business?

Your accountant may not have all of the answers when it comes to your small business. But they can help steer you in the right direction and give you some good advice. Have your accountant analyze your business regularly. That way, they can see where you can make improvements and what changes you can make to help your business.

As a senior advisor/peer with differing experiences that may not be in the business owner’s experience, Scott Gray, CPA, CMA acts as a sounding board and advisor to help develop business goals/targets and can recommend a path to achieve these goals.

Scott Gray, CPA,CMA

As a full-service accounting practice based in Oakville, Ontario, Scott Gray, CPA, CMA, and his team, provide consulting and business advisory services to individuals and businesses in Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding areas.