India is a land of diverse population and socio economic groups and the height varies in large numbers as the large part ofIndia is under poverty and do not get

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Growth is aphysical change marked since birth of child the male child tends to hit puberty between the ages 12 and 15 by the age of 16 the growth in boys stops but their muscles keeps growing, the Average Male Height In India depends on several factors like genes, parental height is a good indicator of how tall a child is going to be but how true that prediction goes is not sure. Growth and development in males is changing its been increasing rapidly due to their food consumption habits, involvement in various physical activities such as sports, cycling, jogging work outs at the gym has led to better health andnutritionwhich led to increase in the male height.


India is a land of diverse population and socio economic groups and the height varies in large numbers as the large part ofIndia is under poverty and do not get proper diet it’s the one reason that large group of men in India is short.

At present the average male heightindex of India is 166.3 cm i.e. 5ft. 5 inches whereas height growth varies state wise men in Punjab are tallest when compared to overall male height in India whereas men in Jharkhand are quite short.

Indian men were ranked 101 among 200 countries in terms of height in 1914 they ranked 178 in 2014. Malnutrition and poverty is high in India which leads to poor growth post-Independence Malnutrition may have also affected the growth of child poorly and adversely. Indian diet is rich in carbohydrates but poor in protein with the changing world Indian life has also changed lot becoming dependent on machines and gadget lead to less physical activities and slow growth in height. In India the mean height of men increased only by3 cm from 161cm to 164 cm

Along with height one of the most important fact goes around is weight one must keep its body weight aligned with height maintaining healthy weight to prevent from wide range of problems like heart diseases, diabetes,arthritis, blood pressure etc.

As in genes male height in India is 5 ft. 5inches but this doesn’t means that Indiadoes not have tall men there are many examples Dharmendra Singh is the tallest man in India with a height of 8 ft. 1 inches tall a few inches away from world recordJagdeep Singh is 7 ft. 6 inches tall and works in Punjab Police and many others.

Height is aheritable trait, different population varies in height not only in India but other countries also various studies highlightsthat height in early adulthood varies overtime growth rate provides a measurable indicator forsustainable development linking longevity health, nutrition, education and economic productivity. Increase in height in other terms also determines health of nation revealing the average male height these reports measures immediate actions and programs to ensure better environment nutrition and growth.