Harvard University Notable Alumni

Harvard University Notable Alumni

These Harvard university notable alumni have walked through several hall of fame and made their mark in several spheres of life.

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Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts,It was established in 1636 and named for its first benefactor, clergyman JOHN HARVARD.Harvard University is known for itsexcellence in teaching, learning, research and prestige, it is the oldest institution for higher learning.Harvard has 360,000 alumni all around the world.

There are several students and candidates who wants to pursue their higher education at Harvard and there are severalcenturies which gave wonderful businessman, sportspersons, presidents, politicians etc.

These Harvard university notable alumni have walked through several hall of fame and made their mark in several spheres of life.

These alumni listed below shine in the field of politics, finance, science, art, entertainment, business, sports and more.

1. NATALIE PORTMAN is a Harvard University notable alumni and she excelled in Hollywood as film actress, model, producerand holder of dual citizenship of America and Israel. She bagged several accolades including an Academy Award and two golden Globe Awards.

2. BARACK OBAMA The former US presidentBarrack Obama entered Harvard law school in 1988 and eventually became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, He alsoplayed basketball on the black law during his time at the school,and he is the most famous Harvard university notablealumni.

3. JAMIE DEMON CEO of JP Morgan Chase attendedHarvard University in 1980 and found love of his life his wife JUDY through the program. His daughter also attended the business school.

4. CONAN O’BRIEN the comedian graduated in 1985 with a degree in American History. Hewas also the president of Harvard’s parody magazine “THE HARVARD LAMPOON” twice.

5. RALPH NADAR was born on 27 February in 1934, he is a Harvard University Notable Alumni. Ralph is an American political activist, author, lecturer, and attorney and was noted for his involvement in consumer protection, environmentalism and government reform causes. He became prominent in 1965 for his bestselling book UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED.

6. JOHN ROBERTS The chief justice of the United States was not only the first person from his high school Indiana to attend Harvard, he attended Law School and becamemanaging director to HARVARD LAW REVIEW.

7. MARK ZUCKERBERG the much known personality and the Harvard university notable alumni was born on May 14 1984, he is an American technology entrepreneur and the leading chairman, co-founder, chief executive officer of Facebook.