Why WP Rocket is Best Cache Plugin for WordPress Blogs?

Why WP Rocket is Best Cache Plugin for WordPress Blogs?

Are you searching for WordPress Performance plugin to speed up your WordPress site? If Yes, read this WP Rocket Review 2019. Follow this guide and configure it.

Are you facing blog loading problems? Here is a perfect solution to overcome these problems. This guide explains you as WP Rocket Review in detail.

If you are using WordPress CMS, the loading time depends on several factors like hosting server issues, cache plugin usage and resources limitations.

At this time you need one best Wordpress performance plugin to for better WordPress speed.

WP Rocket Plugin Review 2019

Now a day’s most of the Web hosting service providers are upgraded to advanced SSD storage and are giving unlimited storage features. But most of the WordPress users are facing the blog loading issues.

Here is the best plugin to improve your blog loading time and the perfect time to upgrade the blog to the next levels.

The plugin is named as “WP Rocket”. Google Loves fast loading blogs and it gives high priority in search engine ranking to those sites.

This plugin is giving awesome results for every WordPress blog.

Personally, I am using this plugin from 12 months. Results are excellent.

This is a Premium plugin. Before this, I used free cache plugins – W3 total cache, WP Super cache, and Speed Booster. Tforare good. But you need to know additional skills to configure the plugins and it takes more time.

These cache plugins create a cache of the static file of your blog posts, when the user is accessing those files, the plugin serves the pages from cache folders directly.

I observed a few issues from the free versions like, if I updated any plugin from the dashboard, the site structure was broken. I started my research to solve this issue permanently. I found WP Rocket. It solved my WordPress caching issues.

Here are some issues I found when I use the W3 Total Cache plugin on my blog:

  • 404 error as “404 Page Not Found” from Yoast Sitemap
  • When I enable “Set expires headers” feature from “Browser cache” option, Woocommerce products could not clear from the Cart
  • When I enable Minify button, it was breaking my WordPress theme.
  • After I switched to WP Rocket plugin, 99% of my issues were solved. Really great coding.

What Is WordPress Caching?

WordPress caching is the way of web performance improvement process. If your blog is getting more clicks from search engines, you need to enable WordPress caching by installing WordPress cache plugins.

There are some free cache plugins available to enable this caching improvement.

When your WordPress blog is getting more requests from different clients, and reusing the old or previously generated data to speed up new requests is called WordPress caching.

The purge caching is the way of re-catching old data from client side. Here old cache data will be removed and new cache will be regenerated.

It is based on the number of protocols like – when a new comment is posted when you publish a new post or update an old post.

What Are The Benefits Of WordPress Caching?

The benefits of WordPress caching is involved in the following.

  • It speeds up your site
  • It gives better search engine ranking
  • It saves some resource consumption from the server side
  • No need to spend more attention on cache’s complex settings
  • It doesn’t break your WordPress site

If you are really facing page loading issues with your WordPress website, I strongly suggest buying WP Rocket.

Are you excited to install this plugin in your WordPress Blog to make your blog faster?

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