Do You Forget to Drink Water?

Do You Forget to Drink Water?
over 3 years ago

With today’s busy lifestyle do you go through the whole day and realize at the end of it that you have not drank enough water? Here's help!!

This was me! I would be on the go all day and by bedtime I would realize that I had not drank near what I should have. And from a health perspective that was not good!  One day I decided I had to make a change.

I thought about reminders and I discovered  surprisingly there were several apps out there.  I looked into a few of the apps and tested them out and found one that works best for me as it simply calculates first how much water you need to drink based on your weight, tracks when you drink, is quick to update, and reminds you when you have not logged in your consumption. Simple and Brilliant!

Do You Forget to Drink Water?

This is the one that I use. I have no affiliation with this app and recommend you try it out for yourself - The Water Health App

Do You Forget to Drink Water?

As a result, I drink more water which I know is helping me in so many ways such as increased energy and my skin looks and feels better. My urine is also clear once a day so I know I am getting hydrated - I know...too much information!

Proper hydration is key for health and wellness!

A rule of thumb is to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces minimum per day!

To Your Health!  Giddy up!