Alkaline versus Alkalized Water

Alkaline versus Alkalized Water
almost 4 years ago

Do you know the difference?

Alkaline versus Alkalized Water

Alkaline water is alkaline water right?

Quite simply the answer is "no".  This is really a misunderstood topic and unfortunately has lead to an incredible amount of inaccurate health information on the Internet.  And surprisingly even from well known health and medical professionals.

As the topic of alkalinity becomes more mainstream due to its health benefits, there are more and more companies that are producing alkaline bottled water to tap into this market.  Like anything however, most people assume that because it on the shelves that it is a good thing and that is not always the case as we witness the processed foods that fill our grocery stores.

Alkaline versus Alkalized Water

So it is left up to the consumer to check out the truth as to whether this is a good thing and this  can be a challenge and very time consuming to determine the truth!

My hope is that what I share with you based not only on my research but first hand experience, will put you on the path of what is the truth.

Let's begin with some background on Alkalinity and pH..

Alkalinity is based on a pH rating.  pH stands for Potential Hydrogen and the scale ranges from 0-14. 7 is neutral.  Below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline.

Alkaline versus Alkalized Water

pH Scale

Your body is slightly alkaline at 7.365 and this delicate balance in our body is important to maintain as too much variance in our pH can affect our health.

What does water have to do with it?

As our bodies are approximately 70% water, the water we drink has a significant impact, and this has been known for decades in Japan but North America is taking notice on how this affects our health.

Our typical drinking water is acidic and hence alkaline waters are popping up on shelves as a "so-called" means to benefit us.  It is confusing!

pH and Water

You can increase the pH in water in two different ways; by adding alkaline minerals or through a process called ionization.  By adding alkaline minerals to the water, alkaline water is created. By ionizing the water, alkalized water is created.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is created by adding minerals to the water, such as magnesium calcium and potassium.   Sounds harmless right?  This can cause imbalance long term the inorganic minerals build up.

Alkalized Water

Alkalized Water is created though an electrical ionizing process which results in molecular hydrogen and active oxygen that you drink.  Since some water molecules are split during the electrolysis process it contains OH-, which naturally makes it alkaline. This is only beneficial to your body.

Alkalized ionized water contains the same unique properties as glacier fed water.

Alkaline versus Alkalized Water

Dr. Michael Explains Molecular Hydrogen and Active Oxygen

Dr. Michael explains the difference between Alkaline and Alkalized Water......

Dr. Michael Explains


It is important to maintain the delicate balance of pH in our bodies to prevent ill-health.  Water can be a significant contributor to our health.

Alkaline water is  induced by adding inorganic minerals which can lead to long-term health problems.  Alkalized ionized water is naturally induced which only translates into benefits for your body.

To your health!

Alkaline versus Alkalized Water