India’s Vaccination Drive: Can It Prevent Third Wave of Covid-19 ?

India’s Vaccination Drive: Can It Prevent Third Wave of Covid-19 ?

Can India’s vaccination program help people to tackle the upcoming Covid-19 third wave? For a better answer, dive deep into this article.

The fear of the third wave is fueling up the anxiety of an overwhelmed nation. Frantic calls for beds, oxygen concentrators, and medicines continue to amplify amidst the looming second wave of Covid-19. At present, India is better prepared to stop new waves from wreaking havoc on the country.

Since the month of May, Covid cases have declined drastically and are currently averaging around 30,000 to 40,000 a day. With this, the pace of vaccination also increased sharply.

" Appearing on CNBC’s Street Signs Asia, Swaminathan explained that the nation is better equipped to prevent any further catastrophic waves from happening. "

Where getting jabbed has become mandatory for every Indian citizen, people are looking for answers to one question: Will India’s vaccination program help the citizens tackle the third wave.

Will COVID19 third wave hit India


To help you with a better answer, we have edged out certain key points in this regard. For more details, continue to read this blog ahead.

➔ Preparations at Health System

Indian Health Care System

India Health System

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India is expecting the upcoming wave to hit sometime this year. But, according to many public health experts, its impact will be less severe than the first two waves. Concerning oxygen and critical care facilities, the preparations at the health system level have increased effectively.

Furthermore, this country can prevent another explosive outbreak by combining vaccination and other health measures like wearing masks, avoiding large social gatherings, and ensuring high levels of testing.

➔ The Longevity of Immunity

To develop a peak immune system, both doses of the vaccine are necessary. The vaccines may generate a strong response, but they can face a dip in their immunity levels based on the records from previously vaccinated people.

However, diminishing immunity should not be a major concern for everyone. Certain factors like pre-existing illness and age can further ignite the decline. Hence, after 3 to 4 months of full vaccination, there might be a risk of waning immunity, which is scientifically evident now.

Immunity Wanning

Waning Immunity

➔ Even a Single Shot Can Be Powerful

The vaccine-driven immunity may further limit your protection level, yet, as per health experts, there is already a backup available, that is, our immune system. The memory cells of our immune system will generate a systematic, strong response, even after the antibodies wane off.

It will act as a natural booster to the vaccines. This is also how your body remembers the infection, post-infection contraction, and releases high antibodies even with a single shot.

One shot vaccine

One shot vaccine

➔ Vaccines Can Lower the Risk Of Mortality

After complete vaccination, the remaining immunity level can still provide protective functions like lowering the risk of hospitalization and mortality. The long-term effects of vaccination are showing risk-lowering outcomes.

According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, vaccine shots will provide a more natural and long-lasting immune response that immediately offers a protective reaction against severe illness and death.

Britain Vaccine Effect

Britain Vaccine Effect

➔ India’s Goal for Vaccination

According to official data, our nation has administered more than 715 million shots so far, with about 168 million people taking the two doses required to be considered fully vaccinated. The Indian officials aim to vaccinate the entire adult population by December.

However, to fully vaccinate the adult population, India will need more than 1.8 million doses. Vaccine manufacturers have stepped up their output in recent months. If the manufacturers continue to keep up this pace, it would be possible to meet the goal.

Plus, vaccination facilities are available for free. However, over 3000 private centers are offering paid vaccines. Moreover, for those who haven't taken their first dose yet, do not delay any more. If you don’t know how to book a slot, follow the Indian hacks to book COVID-19 Vaccine immediately.

" Every Cloud has a Silver Lining, So has Covid 19 "
Every cloud has a silver lining

Every cloud has a silver lining

Even if the third wave enters India, it is not the end. Being cautious is highly important. Whether you are entirely vaccinated or not, there is still a high of Covid appropriate behavior to be practiced. While we remain uncertain about the severity which may impact the upcoming wave, it is necessary to get vaccinated and follow the safety protocols.

Furthermore, if you are exhibiting any symptoms of the virus, consult a general physician through numerous service listing platforms to prevent the spreading of the infection. Let these platforms connect you with the best doctors available near you, understanding your budget, location, need, etc.