Digital Signage for Grocery Stores

Digital Signage for Grocery Stores

Digital Signage for Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Ideas to Engage In-Store Grocery Shoppers

1. Inspire on-the-fence shoppers with recipe ideas and special deals.

Not everyone goes into a shop with a well-planned grocery list. Take advantage of hungry browsers by sharing easy and inspiring recipes throughout your store. Use scheduling or dynamic content features like Enplug’s Custom Triggers to update recipes by time or day of the week. Try quick dinner ideas during evening rush hour and meatless options for Mondays. You can even include aisle numbers to make it easy for customers to find each ingredient.

2. Increase sales of new or unfamiliar ethnic and special-diet foods through consumer education.

Research shows that in-store shoppers are more adventurous in their product choice than their ecommerce peers, but they still need a nudge in the right direction. Share origin and nutritional information as well as ideas on how to prepare unfamiliar foods. Your customers will be more likely to experiment with new brands and products.

3. Build trust in brands and products with social and user-generated content.

Grocery shoppers are increasingly concerned with wellness, sustainability and where their food comes from. Social media is a powerful way to build trust in the safety and freshness of your products. Digital signage for grocery stores brings the power of user generated content directly to the supermarket floor. Even better, options like Enplug’s smart content filtering and approval features make it easy to ensure that social posts are brand-safe.

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4. Share time-sensitive information with shoppers more quickly.

Digital signage for grocery stores makes it easy to deploy new promotions, provide stock and aisle updates or share alerts across multiple locations. Moreover, you can manage the content remotely and update it in an instant. The sooner your customers know about special deals, instant savings and even rainchecks, the more satisfied they’ll be with their store experience.

5. Get more conversions from in-store cooking demos with a call-to-action.

Cooking demonstrations and food samples are a proven method of increasing total shopping basket value. Provide a clear and attention-grabbing call-to-action on a screen placed above or near the food presenter. You can even have the sign update automatically according to the demo schedule. Nobody likes smudged chalk on a signboard anyway.

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