Choosing between Dedicated IT Resources or Freelancers

Choosing between Dedicated IT Resources or Freelancers

Many small businesses and startups aim choosing between dedicated IT resources or freelancers. Read to find why dedicated IT staff is a better option.

The size of the tech market was estimated at $388.98 billion until 2020. It is forecast to expand to $650.13 billion by 2025 for a 10.7% CAGR. This market growth includes software development for mobile apps, websites, and other tech products.

Nowadays, users in the consumer market are getting a glimpse of customer-centric products. They are built on some amazing new technology fronts including AI, ML, IoT to name a few. The result is a market buzzing with great creativity and room for companies to explore new dimensions in products/services.

Consequently, demand for the IT workforce is rising globally and in the United States. There is a great focus on acquiring greatly skilled people to work on building these products. For many startups and small businesses, in-house development is out of scope.

Dedicated IT Resources vs Freelancers: Whom to select

This brings up the question of whether companies should hire freelancers or contract dedicated tech staff for their software projects. Whatever path you go, the hired resources should be able to focus their energy on creating the best products. Here are some of the most important factors that play role in this deliberation.

  • Keen Time and Attention
  • Industry Standards and High-end Expertise
  • Greater Grasp on Technologies
  • Communication Challenges
  • Source-code Security
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Dedicated IT Resources vs Freelancers - Whom to select

Let's explore these aspects that take part in the solution of this question in the article.

Keen Time and Attention

Freelancers mostly work on short gigs or sporadic work assignments. As they want to make money and move on to something else afterward. This means that they are not able to pledge dedicated time and attention to the project at hand.

Their goal is to do more tasks in less time to earn some quick money. At times, they are working on multiple assignments in parallel. Their school of thought is to get work by.

While with a dedicated development team, you get the leverage of exclusivity. They work on the development tasks with full focus and concentration. As they have been hired to work devotedly on the software development for the entire project.

So, they want to make sure to provide the best code coverage for all the business use cases. Moreover, they even cover any odd edge business cases that they may be otherwise overlooked. Therefore, you get a complete solution with a holistic approach.

Since they have pledged themselves to the project through contractual obligations that span to a dedicated time. This means they have to deliver work of quality. It is in their contract, which holds them legally obligated.

This even extends to post-deployment services that dedicated developers carry out with great responsibility. They understand how important it is to ensure that the product is smoothly integrated into the environment. A dedicated staff makes sure services breakage is completely out of the line. They deploy the product without any data, security, or infrastructure issues.

Industry Standards and High-end Expertise

Dedicated programmers come in many flavors. Some are seasoned professionals; some are freshers while some are in the middle of the two extremes. They are like freelance resources who have the same level of experience in the industry.

However, someone dedicated to work for your project in comparison to a freelance counterpart will possess more capabilities. Their extra abilities will resonate in their output. It may sound untrue but they will deliver you a better solution.

The argument for this case is that many freelance resources just want to bag a gig to make money. While the credibility of dedicated developers is at stake during the whole project timeline. This is why they fully commit to your project and then also work very hard towards delivering what they promised.

In case, they might not have the capabilities at the start. Then, they will even acquire high-end expertise for delivering the desired result. Also, they will use extensive industry-wide practices that are usually overlooked by others.

For example, coding practices for how to structure code, and making sure the debugging time is as minimal as possible. Just in case, you outsource a software project, you get all aspects of the project lifecycle covered. This also comprises UI/UX design, QA, deployment, and post-production support, etc.

Greater Grasp on Technologies

There is this widespread ignorance that offshore developers are not on a par level with new technologies, platforms, and tools. As a general statistic, the prediction for IT outsourcing's global market in the year 2020 was $342.9 billion. By 2027, it will have a revised market size of US$410.2 billion due to COVID-19. This shows that the remote software development market has its fair share of revenue.

All thanks to the capabilities, and talented resource pool that's at par level with the resources in the local market. This fact cannot be denied that developers from across the world are learning new skills. Thus, they are becoming equipped with the necessary tools to give desired results.

This might not necessarily be as true for freelancers who usually bag projects and try delivering assignments through workarounds. They are mostly concerned about getting the work done instead of learning new tools and employing innovation in their work. Because the client pressure is something that may not be something that everyone is up for.

Communication Challenges

When you get on an exclusive IT staff to build your project, you are taking care of various dynamics. They not only include development but also testing, deployment, and other related aspects. This can be a cumbersome exercise for freelancers to individually handle all these aspects.

Imagine, the number of communication channels that open up because every resource will want to communicate or sync with others. Each of them will be in their particular time zones. Accordingly, having a sync-up meeting would mean some resources would always be in odd time zones.

Also, at times freelancers may get stuck in their tasks. So, they face impediments where the turnaround time for a discussion may cause necessary project task delays. The communication lag can become an extremely negative impression on the project causing overall morale to go down.

It will also lead to serious project gaps, delays, and breakdowns causing financial losses to the company. On the other hand, dedicated IT workers operating together will devise ways to make sure that information keeps flowing healthily. Furthermore, they can even decide on a communication model that best suits their working lifestyle.

source-code Security

Do you ever think about your code integrity? Can you trust freelancers with your precious code who may use it in another project for their advantage? Since they are not legally obligated, so your code is not your intellectual property.

IT outsourcing is all about building a certain level of trust between the supplier of services and the employed business. Therefore, it matters who owns the IP rights of the code-base. Likewise, you need assurance that your idea, data, and the deployed product will remain secure.

Be it, breach of security or a violation of the agreed contract – all lines need to remain intact with full guarantee from employed staff that they hold your product and delivered service with the utmost integrity.


We are living in a fast-paced world where businesses want to grow. Realize that there are many chances or paths for taking the next step. Unfortunately, the majority of companies are not much tech-savvy. They don't have the in-staff strength to support the IT -lead innovation in their business spaces.

However, going the freelance route has its advantages. Because you have work which is independent, very short-term without any dependencies. So, it is better for temporary gigs and infrequent work assignments.

The dedicated staff model is very suitable for tasks that are of varied nature. It is ideal for outsourcing all areas of the software development process for staff augmentation. This model is best for projects spanning many business use-cases with intricacies and complexities. Let's help you convert your stellar product idea to reality with a highly flexible dedicated team model of Techliance now.