Why Is Kannur a Good Choice to Buy an Apartment in Kerala?

Why Is Kannur a Good Choice to Buy an Apartment in Kerala?

Kannur is a northern district in Kerala, famous for its cultural diversity. Here we will discuss why owning a flat or an apartment in Kannur is a good choice.

Why is " location" the real estate mantra? Everyone wants to build the home of their dreams that is efficient, secure, and equipped with cutting-edge technology. There are several other factors to consider before purchasing their dream home, and location is at the top of the list.

Kannur, the Land of Looms, in Kerala, is the best place to live. Kannur is an ideal place for small families to settle due to the increasing job opportunities, natural beauty, amenities, and much more. Buying an apartment in Kannur also guarantees a higher return on investment.

Why Is Location an Important Factor in Buying an Apartment in Kerala?

When it comes to real estate, specifically when investing in apartments in Kerala, the main factor would be "location," as always. A house can be renovated or repaired, but one cannot just go around changing the location of their sweet home. As a result, selecting the right location is critical from the beginning of the planning process.

Leaving those critical factors aside, your location determines the ease of your life. The development of the city, amenities, connectivity, the neighborhood, and other factors all contribute to the ease of your life. One should keep in mind that when they purchase the apartment of their dreams, they are also purchasing a plot in that specific location. As a result, it is critical that the apartment's location has easy access to other connectivities, such as workplaces, entertainment areas, and so on.

Why Is Kannur the Best Place to Buy an Apartment in Kerala?

Kannur, the Land of Looms and Theyyams, is a peaceful city for a family to reside in. Some of the reasons below show why Kannur is the best place in Kerala to buy flats or apartments.


Kannur has one of the best road, air, and rail connections between cities. The proximity of the railway and bus stations makes travel easier for tourists and working professionals alike. The same is true for air travel facilities. The Kannur International Airport is an acme factor.

Scenic beauty

The coastal city has the added benefit of a gentle breeze from the ocean, and the lush greenery of the area that adds to the scenic beauty. The ideal climate and beautiful landscape make it the perfect city for night drives around beaches, hills, museums, and other attractions. St. Angelo Fort, Payyambalam Beach, Kannur Lighthouse, Kavvayi Islands, and Meenkunnu Beach are some of the tourist attractions of the place.

Quality of life

Apart from the city's lush greenery and connectivity, the main draw is the hospitality of the locals. It is easier to get along with your life in Kannur because of the comfortable level that the local people set you at.

Development of the City

Kannur is in the process of developing, as are its job opportunities, institutions, and other amenities. Reputable educational institutions have recently begun to offer a variety of courses that provide better educational facilities and standards. In regard to rising opportunities, home builders have built budget-friendly apartments in Kannur.

Return on Investment

The city is rapidly developing, and so are the facilities, IT infrastructure, and much more. This will eventually cause real estate prices to rise over time, giving you a better return on your investment over time.

Apartments Worth Investing in Kannur

One should live in Kannur to learn more about the city and its culture. The beautiful city, in its development phase, focuses on bringing both developments to the city and preserving its cultural and historical background. The improved transportation, educational institutions, and the current development phase make it the best time to invest in apartments in Kannur.

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