My 10 Favorite Brain Foods (Part 2)

My 10 Favorite Brain Foods (Part 2)
almost 3 years ago

Here are the next 5 foods that will protect your brain and give you the energy and vitality you need to overcome mental fog and fatigue.

To live a healthy life we need to be conscious about the food we put into our body. Different foods can have different affect. Both positive and negative. These are some powerful brain foods that can boost your mental alertness and fuel your brain.

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1) Green Leafy Vegetables

  • Spinach, kale, collard greens
  • Good sources of vitamin E and folate
brain food, green leafy vegetables, spinach, healthy life

2) Salmon

  • Wild deepwater fish rich in Omega-3s and DHA
  • Sardines are also good
salmon, brain food, omega 3, fish, healthy life

3) TuRmeric

  • Reduces inflammation and helps boost antioxidant levels
  • Keeps your immune system healthy
  • Improves brain’s oxygen intake to you alert and able to process information
tumeric, brain food, 10 favorite brain food, healthy life

Jim Kwik a world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, and optimal brain performance says:

"I start my days with turmeric tea. I combine turmeric, pepper (to absorb the turmeric better), honey, coconut oil, and hot water."

4) Walnuts

  • High levels of antioxidants and zinc
  • Rich in vitamin E, which protects your neurons
  • Wards off brain-aging conditions
  • Lots of magnesium, which improves your mood and thus your brain
walnuts, brain food, 10 favorite brain food, healthy life

5) Dark Chocolate

  • Improves your focus, concentration, and mood
  • Stimulates endorphins
  • Generally, the darker the chocolate, the purer and better for your brain
dark chocolate, brain food, 10 favorite brain food, healthy life

BONUS - Water

Your brain and body are about 75% water

Several studies show that well-hydrated people score better on brainpower tests


Blend water, green leafy vegetables, blueberries, avocado, and coconut oil for an easy brain smoothie!

This content is from Jim Kwik's podcast | Kwik Brain 005: My 10 Favorite Brain Foods |

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