7 Amazing Facts About Periods That Everyone Needs To Know

7 Amazing Facts About Periods That Everyone Needs To Know

In this article, you will find some of the unusual and unexpected facts of menstruation that we think must be known.

Seven Facts You Need To Know About Periods!!

Almost 40 crore women are menstruating in India and menstrual hygiene is still a major area of concern.

1. Periods Worsen During Cold:

Cold weather makes the period heavier and longer than usual. The menstrual cycle extends in women staying in colder regions than those who live in warmer regions. Due to the lack of sunshine during winters our body is forced to produce productive hormones like Vit D and Dopamine which both boost our moods, happiness, concentration, and all-around health levels.

2. You Can Still Conceive if You’re on Your Period:

It’s a generally known fact that you cannot get pregnant if you have intercourse during your period. But, this is not true.

Though chances are meek you can get pregnant while you are menstruating, it is not impossible at all. It happens because sperm can stay alive in the body for five to six days and if you have a short cycle, and you are happened to have sex towards the end of your period, and ovulate just after your period finishes, chances are bright to fall pregnant.

3. Average Age For Periods Has Changed Over The Years

Now the average age that a girl begins getting periods has changed in contrast to earlier when girls fall into their periods between 13-17 years but now the average age is reduced by five years that means a girl starts menstruating at 12 now. Studies have proved that improved nutrition and increased stress levels are some of the key causes for getting earlier periods. The fat cells have more estrogen which can trigger the start of your menstrual cycle as a girl.

4. You Almost Spend 10 Years of Your Life on Your Period

From the time of her first cycle to menopause, the average American woman will have around 450 periods in her lifetime. That’s a lot of periods. On average a woman menstruates for about 10 years of her lifetime consuming almost 11, 000 tampons/ sanitary pads in a lifetime. But one thing is certain — periods impact us all. And several NGOs are committed to supplying menstrual health products to people who are poor or belong to low-income.

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5 Have Eco-Friendly Periods With Period Panties

Apart from the Disposable tampons and sanitary pads, menstrual cups and period panties are also options keeping in view the eco-friendly concept. These are the sustainable period products to choose from that you can keep and reuse for years

Period panties like Knix are washable, reusable, leak proof underwear that will save you from having to fork out for tampons and pads all the time and help you to have an environmentally-friendly period too.

6. You Lose 3 Tablespoons of Blood During Your Period

Heavy flow is not normal, you may think twice that something is surely wrong. It seems like a lot of blood loss, but your body loses only three tablespoons of blood during each period. On average, a woman loses one tablespoon to a small cup of blood during a normal period. If you think you’re losing more than this during your period, you must see a doctor then. Losing too much blood can put you at the risk of anemia leaving you tired and dizzy.

7. Your Period Affect Your Mood And Smell

Research studies say that slight changes can be observed in women during their periods like voice changes, and smell due to our reproductive hormones affecting the vocal cords. They become less attractive in their periods and smell differently causing much less attractiveness than those who are ovulating. Most women turn horny during a period and have the urge to get intimate because the hormones are flowing all across, increasing their excitement levels due to the relaxation of pelvic organs feel more at ease.

However, having intercourse during their periods is a personal choice for many as many feel unhygienic doing sex during this phase.

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