Tips to help kick start a Montessori franchise

Tips to help kick start a Montessori franchise

Entrepreneurs wanting to start a kids play school franchise are often in a dilemma about its profitability.

Entrepreneurs wanting to start a kids play school franchise are often in a dilemma about its profitability. However there are several reasons which ratify the fact that, as a business opening a play school or a Montessori, rarely fails. Parents in India have an affinity for providing quality education to their kids from the very beginning. Thus any playschool that is able to provide quality education and a good in-school environment and ambience, has an almost 100% chance of success provided:

• The person has a passion for the same,

• He is ready to put in sincere hard work,

• He is able to market it properly,

• He is able to choose the right business model,

• He is able to get a suitable place to start the venture,

• He has the right team to back up his venture and

• He has the required financial capabilities.

The above 7 points are a mantra for sure success when opening a Montessori franchise in Bangalore, but it never pays to blindly start any business. Thus initially an entrepreneur will have to:

Conduct extensive research: This will give him a clearer idea of what it entails to set up a Montessori franchise. It will also help him to select the playschool brand he wants to partner with. This is very important since only when the franchisor and franchisee have a good understanding can this partnership succeed. During the process of brand selection, talking to other franchise owners of the branded playschool franchisor provides valuable insights which help an entrepreneur to take the right decision.

Meeting with the franchisor: After the selection of the same, a series of meetings need to be held between the franchisor and the franchisee. This will enable the franchisee to understand what backup he will be able to get from the franchisor in terms of marketing, infrastructure, team selection, operations etc.

Expenditure: Even though a kids play school franchise has a relatively lower initial cost, it still makes commercial sense to understand both:

o Capital expenditure or initial cost involved and

o The revenue expenditure or running costs involved.

While the franchisor would have a specific requirement with regards to the initial cost, costs involved in the day to day running is not accounted for in the same. Hence the entrepreneur needs to understand the finances involved before opting for the same.

Space required: Every franchisor would have a minimum floor area requirement for starting a franchise. This floor space can be rented in which case the monthly rent and the caution deposit needs to be factored in the expenses involved. Although if self owned space is available and can be made use of, the costs involved may go down. In fact the available space also gets monetized.

Thus when opening a Montessori franchise in Bangalore it is mandatory to understand if the franchisor proposal is strategically, operationally and financially in sync with what the entrepreneur wants. A perfect match is a sure recipe for success.