7 Beauty tips to look younger at 30.

7 Beauty tips to look younger at 30.
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We must confess it, after turning 30, we all want to keep our age a secret and go back a few years of our beauty!

We must confess it, after turning 30, we all want to keep our age a secret and go back a few years of our beauty!

We even believe that the only solution to preserve the freshness of our 20's is cosmetic interventions, but there are also other ways to achieve it without injections or surgeries!

And they are great fun, ranging from playing with our hair, makeup and nails, to changing the rhythm of our life habits. Do you already know what they are? Dare to put them into practice!

Beauty tips to look younger at 30.

Twist your hair if you want to look ten years younger; it's time to change your look. Cuts like bobs, lobs, and bangs will do a great job of reducing your age in appearance, but if you combine them with auburn tints, highlights, and babylights, you'll look even younger!

Deep, vibrant colours in hair accentuate signs of ageing. Avoid them!

1. Use light creams, not mattifying powders.

Pay attention; products with light, luminous ** and creamy textures will be your best friends after 30. This is because they leave a much more natural finish on the skin and do not highlight lines or wrinkles.

Make sure your makeup products are formulated with anti-ageing actives to further delay again

2. Take care of the colours in your makeup

Your best option to succeed in makeup, after 30, will be outlined in coffee, warm and soft shadows, lipsticks in pink tones and peach blushes.

On the contrary, very intense tones such as blacks and wines are not very recommended; they harden your features more than you think!

3. Use densifying and volumizing products.

An instantly age-revealing trait is thin, sparse hair, not just on the head but also on the eyebrows and eyelashes. So that this is not a problem, apply densifying remedies daily to the follicles that you need. Currently, many nourishing treatments activate growth and thicken the hair in these parts.

These are some serums that restore volume to your hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Give them a try!

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4. Removes makeup, hydrates and protects

Looking younger than you require a strict skincare routine, and we are not talking about the ten steps of Korean beauty. Instead, there are moments of facial care that you definitely cannot skip, like removing makeup, washing, moisturizing with antioxidants and applying SPF.

5. Practice the four habits that are better than botox

If you are wondering what they are, take note:

Sleep for more than 7 hours.

Eat balanced (and with fixed hours).

Relax every week and move 30 minutes a day. it helps your skin to look younger and you can proudly say to someone how many days old am I. And they will really appreciate you.

Yes, they are much more effective than any surgery for both your image and your body health.

Taking a break from stress, exercising at home and eating rejuvenating foods should be your top beauty commandments.

6. Impeccable smile

As you already know, the passage of the years leaves havoc on the skin, hair, and teeth!

To prevent them from looking yellow and unkempt, try to do teeth whitening every six months, avoid foods with dyes and consume more clarifying foods for your smiles, such as banana or milk.

7. Manicure on point

It may not seem important to you, but irregular nails, with vibrant colours and wrinkles on the hands, indicate our longevity, and we have to take utmost care of them.

To do this, in addition to moisturizing this area with depigmenting creams, you must opt ​​for neutral pigments in your manicure and wear the nails in a straight or rounded tip. They are the key!

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