Why Develop a Web Portal for Your Business?

Why Develop a Web Portal for Your Business?

Web portals are built with the interactive interface and communicative voice of business rhetorically. Web portals are designed to let individuals log in to the back-end cloud system using the web interface for accessing sensitive data. The customized website gathers up multiple pages with the pull of various sources, making it a data repository for business operations. Users interacting over the web portal are given rights to show only the relevant data. Moreover, they can log in using the authentication system to access sensitive information.

Moreover, Businesses cannot deny the importance of Web portals. Here we will address a quick discussion that will prove to you how are the web portals going to be the best ROI for the business?

Let’s take a look at a quick flow:

  • What is web portal development?
  • Types of web portals
  • Difference between a web portal and a website
  • Web portal development process
  • Salient advantages of a Web portal for your business

What is Web Portal Development?

A web portal is a secure web-based platform developed by an experienced custom web portal development expert. This web-based platform gives access to different functionality and easy to use interface for enriching interaction. The web portal provides sign-in options but does not necessarily require the same. There could be some public or some anonymous pages. Also, a web portal takes the virtual tour of your business one step forward with real-time experience and personalization.

Types of Web Portals

There are two kinds of web portals: Horizontal web portals and Vertical web portals. Get to know about the below:

  • Horizontal Web Portals

These are the general portals that are used by several companies as the common platform for rendering information. Government portals, job portals, corporate portals, and cultural portals are some common horizontal web portals.

  • Vertical Web Portals

Vertical web portals are enterprise-level portals, which are usually user-centric and intended to provide information related to a specific service or company. Large enterprises majorly hire web development companies for the custom portal development and make the ordinary portal more interactive. These portal features:

  • The information provided by company or organization
  • Knowledge related to the services
  • Community interaction
  • Discussion over specific deals or services

College portals, tender portals, and others are known as vertical company-specific portals.

Difference Between Website and Web Portals

For non-technical business owners and amateur startups, it is a common misconception that websites and web portals are the same. In fact, both are quite different. Look at below to know the differences-


  • Focused on attracting users.
  • Web pages are public, and no authentication is required.
  • The website is publicly accessible on the internet.
  • Do not interact with the users.

Web Portals

  • Oriented for specific users.
  • Web pages are private and require authentication.
  • Web pages are not open to the public and authentication is obligatory for most of the internal pages.
  • Continuous interaction with the users.

Web Portal Development Process

For startups, a web portal reveals a range of advantages. Before we realm down to the advantages of web portals, it is important to know the process of web portal development:

Web Portal Planning

The very first step is planning for exploring the business needs and ensuring the outcome for meeting requirements. Planning ensures the outcome of the development considering the constraints and expectations of stakeholder.

Web Portal Designing

The next step is the design of the portal. The portal architecture design includes the UI/UX design, which needs to be comprehensible and simple. Design is the crucial element in the success of any virtual portal that inclusively contains Backend, front end, and API development, therefore it is given a special emphasis by any expert web portal development company.

Web Portal Integration

Web portal needs to be integrated with the existing software. A web portal can be integrated with custom software such as CRM, ERP, MES, PDM, LMS, and other tools used by the company.

Testing and Support

The final stage in any kind of development process includes software testing, meant to remove the bugs. The professional web development service provider considers testing to be an integral part of web development. Testing is done to ensure compatibility over the different portals and the perfect UI/UX. The large products, sometimes require long-term support too.

Advantages of Web Portal Development for Business

Web portal for your business plays a key role in increasing online customer communication and gives enough information for managing customer confusion. The diverse services and different interaction approaches offer the below advantages:

1. Increased Interaction

With the increased social media interaction, businesses are now capable enough to reach out to customers in an effective way. But the drawback of social media is the propagation of false information. There is no limitation over the discussion whereas, in the web portal, the posts are restructured to not support the false information. Customers get the right knowledge of the data and you as a business owner can create a smart marketing strategy.

2. Enhanced Awareness

The implementation of the B2B and B2C model plays a key role in increasing the overall awareness for the business growth. Customers use the internet for knowing the services and understanding the market standard for consuming the best of services and choosing the best service provider. Also, businesses can make improved decisions and policies by knowing customer interaction and requirements.

3. Simplification of Issues Related to Integration

A web portal is intended to provide a single point of access to the sensitive information and details knowledge system. Most of the companies provide the access to their employees using the integration tool. These portals focus on managing the human resources and leveraging the guest logins for different roles. The sensitive information is always kept safe using the separate integration to get ease of access to the services.

4. Single Sign-in for a Variety of Applications

Web portals are the single point of access using the most simplistic way. Most mid-level businesses approach some reliable custom software development services providers for achieving the best possible setting for online business development and integration to the existing CRMs.

5. Support for Other Portlets

Many portlets offer a wide number of functionalities for streamlining the business condition. These web portlets deliver the best resources for restructuring the functionalities and leveraging the powerful web portal development.

6. Customization

Web portals offer the user a great set of customization and tools for creating ease. Portals attract customers by rendering the best customization and through engagement to these services.

7. Reduces Cost of Print and Distribution

There is certain type of portals, which saves the cost of print and distribution. Intranet portals are used to publish and update a range of documents. These documents include procedures, protocols, resources, and guidelines. The portals are easily accessible by employees and management which decreases the requirement of distributing the printed material to a different department. Knowledge is easily shared and managed.

8. Tight Security and Versatility

Data safety is a big concern for many businesses. Sensitive resources and secret information are always at the risk. Rich web portals are integrated with CRM systems and offer a high level of security with two-way authentication. There is less cybersecurity threat, and you can access the enterprise via multiple devices without any leak of information.

Wrap Up

Often, you must have seen some government websites, interacted with the job portals, or joined some expert forum for professional acumen. Most commonly, these stock portals, share market investment portals and corporate portals are widely used, whereas people dealing overseas must deal with the bidding portals such as Upwork, or Fiverr.

A custom web portal is a valuable entry to the knowledge ecosystem of the business. Also, customers and prospective clients can search for information and stay updated on the latest notification. A web portal reveals a lot of advantages for the business. Always ensure to hire an experienced web portal app development company for picking the vital profits of an interactive interface.