On Demand Food Delivery App

On Demand Food Delivery App
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Develop a world-class food delivery app that is feature-loaded and ready to launch in the market within a short span of time.

After a long tiring day, or a busy, hectic afternoon, or a morning when you are running late, you will not have time to prepare a meal or at least a sandwich for you. When you have a lazy Sunday evening where you are craving to eat something hot and tasty. But, you will not feel like taking the effort to make something or go out and eat. That is when the food delivery app helps you. With a single tap, your favorite food will reach you. Uber launched a food delivery app to help people around the world with their carvings. It was an instant success in the market. Since then, many entrepreneurs have been planning to start up a food delivery service similar to UberEats.

They were hesitant because constructing an app like UberEats will cost so much, and multiple resources were needed. It would also take a long period of time to build it. When they were in search of a solution for this, the UberEats Clone app was introduced. Using the Uber Clone Script, we built an app similar to UberEats but with more efficient & advanced features.

  • The main advantage is that the users will find it easy to use the UberEats Clone app.
  • UberClone Scripts are used to build the app.
  • We provide different panels based on the role of the person using it.
  • It is a readymade solution that will cost 75% less than the app built from scratch.
  • The app will assign delivery agents for all the requests, and no order will be left out.
  • We will customize the app for you and launch it in the app store.
  • Apps for Android and iOS platforms will be developed.
  • The web portal will also be offered by us for the administrator.
  • Updates for the app will be done by us
  • Any attribute or feature required in the feature will be added to the app
  • A history of all the orders will be available in the app.

The next thought that would have popped-up in your mind is the cost of the app. Let me make it clear! It is a very cost-friendly package where you pay only for the features you are including. The app will be made live in a week, and technical support will be provided in case of any issues. We provide apps whose budget can be compromised but the quality or accessibility.