UberEats Clone App Development

UberEats Clone App Development
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Develop and launch an Ubereats like app in an instant with our clone app.

Uber’s success as a food delivery service provider has motivated entrepreneurs from across the world to set foot into the niche. A billion-dollar industry, the usage of applications to order food has skyrocketed since its inception in the past few years. Ordering food via an app has revolutionized the food industry since it is a quick and easy process. Compared to the old ways of long telephonic conversations and picking up takeaways from restaurants, applications have truly changed the way consumers order food.

You can also build a versatile food delivery app that customers can use with just a few swipes and taps with an UberEats clone app. It is imperative to understand the components of a paradigm food app that makes up an app like Ubereats. The features include

Browse restaurants and their menus

Users will be able to choose a restaurant of their choice from a catalog and look into their menus. This gives them plenty of options to choose from.

GPS tracking

Users will be able to locate agents that have their food order on the map. It also displays the estimated time of delivery.

Multiple payment modes

Users will be able to pay with multiple payment options such as cash, credit card/debit card, and online wallets.

Driver and admin panels

Drivers will be able to view customer locations and contact details to help deliver food items uninterrupted via a driver panel. Admins will be able to supervise and regulate various food delivery operations via an admin panel.

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