Reasons to employ Safety Management

Reasons to employ Safety Management

According to the World Health Organization, falls are the second highest possible cause of unintentional injury fatalities in the world.

According to the World Health Organization, falls are the second highest possible cause of unintentional injury fatalities in the world. And a majority of these falls occur in the workplace due to slippery floors, poor hazard management, and inadequate safety training for employees. These staggering statistics are exactly what has caused regulatory bodies to amplify their efforts in making workplaces safer by preventing falls and injuries related to them.

Financial costs can be a liability

But who should be held responsible? Is it the employees? Or is it the employer that causes these falls due to negligence? It varies from case to case. However, in a majority of cases, the employer is often held liable for damages. These damages can be in the form of damaged equipment, injured personnel, and monetary damages such as legal fees, medical bills, insurance premiums, etc.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has acknowledged this problem and tried to provide solutions to preserve the safety of employees, employers, and third parties in workplaces by putting certain guidelines in place including laws for workplace management and training standards for employees. These guidelines are so comprehensive that many entrepreneurs have set up companies that provide Safety Management Services to vulnerable establishments to ensure their compliance with concerned regulatory authorities.

Safety Management Companies can test your workplace

These companies provide several possible Safety Management Services that help an establishment assess the possible safety hazards in a workplace, and then address those hazards in a manner that helps ensure the safety of all concerned parties. For the assessment of risks, OSHA recommends using the ANSI A326.3 Test to check the friction coefficient of a floor. And to administer this test, many fall prevention services use the Bot-3000E, which is at the forefront of floor safety testing standards in both regulatory authorities and courts of law.

They can train or protect your workplace

Once fall prevention services administer this test, it becomes easy for them to identify whether the next steps should involve training personnel for workplace safety or simply applying a patented solution that increases the friction coefficient of a floor. The decisions pertaining to these methods are dependent on variables such as the nature of work the concerned office does, the number of people employed, and the budget allocated to ensure workplace safety.


Employing the help of such services is beneficial to companies for a myriad of reasons, the first of which is to reduce annual worker compensation rates and to avoid legal liabilities that may damage the company’s reputation and cash flow. Moreover, workplaces have a moral obligation to take these measures for the safety of their employees. But regardless of the moral obligation, using these services can bring long-term benefits to companies such as the constant improvement of workplace safety thanks to measures such as training employees to report possible workplace hazards.