6 Things Every ECommerce Website Should Have In Place

6 Things Every ECommerce Website Should Have In Place


Running an E-Commerce site doesn't have to be difficult when you know what your site needs to work at the best level possible. Ultimately, you want sales, but in order to achieve these you need to have a few essentials in place, so you can build up a great website and encourage both existing and new customers to choose you for the product or service they require.


Your logo is the key visual of your entire brand and you should put a lot of effort into what it implies and the message it sends to customers. Your logo should be memorable and completely unique, so that your business is easily recognizable to people choosing you. If you go for a generic logo, you may have to rely on the size of your business to see you through, this may not work for a smaller business relying on new customers, so make it enticing and interesting.

Call To Action

As we mentioned, your site is there ultimately to achieve sales, so this needs to be reflected in your calls to action on your site. You should concentrate on optimizing these for the best possible results in terms of conversions. By learning the basics of conversion optimization you can ensure that you make the most of your banners and linking elements of your pages.

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Shopping Basket

It is crucial that your customers have a smooth service when they go to purchase products, so you should make sure that you have a good and reputable shopping cart set up. If there is any sign that your shopping cart looks iffy, or falters as your customers are browsing the site, then it’s likely that they won’t trust that your shopping systems are secure. If you’re running your site via a Content Management System (CMS), then try installing a trusted plugin such as WooCommerce or WP E-Commerce.

Strike A Balance With Paid and Organic

Although it is possible to attract a lot of traffic through good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, which you should be doing anyway, it is sometimes a good idea to invest a little budget into paid advertising. Although this doesn't have to be your sole source of traffic generation, it does often pave the way to solid and targeted leads. If budget doesn't permit, then maybe set in place a plan to progress onto paid search as business increases.

Trust Signals

Showing your potential customers that you are a reputable company can include a number of things. From gaining great reviews on sites such as TrustPilot, if applicable, or simply getting on-page testimonials from clients can really improve the likelihood of people choosing your business over your competition. The main thing you need to show the world is that you are a great place to buy from and that you will deliver on what you say you will. Other trust generating factors can include offering bonuses that others don’t, such as guaranteed delivery or loyalty rewards.

Linkable Assets

The Internet is a social place, so offer content that people want to see and in turn share. This will make sure that your website gains attention from Social Media sites and not just through search engines. Connect with your customers and you will be sure to reap the rewards.

No matter what you choose to do with your site, always make sure that you focus on what your customers specifically want. This will be different for every business depending on what products and services you are offering, so make sure you tailor an individual approach.

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