New Version of the Trading Platform NetTradex and Scalping

New Version of the Trading Platform NetTradex and Scalping

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NetTradexAmong various platforms existing in foreign exchange market NetTradeX plays a significant role. Nowadays this terminal has gained a high reputation among traders due to its unique options and high functionality. It is at its highest level because of its reliability and simplicity.

The trading platform NettradeX is provided with all the necessary tools that are required by traders. Due to those diverse instruments trading transactions are performed without arousing any difficulty.

While comparing NetTradeX terminal with other advanced platforms it will become obvious that though there are features that are typical of nearly all the platforms, there exist also such characteristics which can be found only in the mentioned terminal. The originality of NetTradeX lies in those features which contribute to the simple and meanwhile reliable procedure of CFD and Forex trading.

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IFC Markets has recently launched a mew version of the trading platform NetTradeX 2.6.0 for Windows which is characterized with the following features:

Full trading the Personal Composite Instruments (PCI);

New type of charts – “Percentage charts»;

Sync mode of viewing multiple charts;

Multilevel categories of instruments and assets;

Trading Method – Scalping

trading-method -scalpingScalping, also called quick trading, is a popular trading strategy of using high leverage and a large number of short term trades to gradually increase an account.

The main objective of scalping strategy is to make small profits, while taking limited risks.

It should be taken into consideration that scalping strategy is not suitable for every type of trader. In fact, scalpers do not prefer taking large risks, which means that they choose to miss great opportunities in the return for the safety of small, but frequent earnings. Accordingly, the scalper should have patience and be a careful individual, as the one with an impulsive character, who seeks a quick success, is unlikely to achieve anything but disappointment while using this strategy.

Scalping needs a lot more concentration from the trader in comparison to other styles like swing trading or trend following. Real scalper will open and close hundreds of positions daily and till none of the positions suffer great losses, the scalper cannot be careless about some of his positions. From the first sight it may seem an alarming task, but scalping may even be considered funny trading style, once the trader is comfortable with his practices and habits.

As already mentioned, attentiveness is necessary for the successful scalper, though it does not mean that people should born with such features, they can simply practice, if they have a serious intention to become a good scalper.

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