Know "complicated coronary heart disease"

Know "complicated coronary heart disease"
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complicated coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is now slotxo considered an increasingly common disease. Treatment consists of either a catheter (PCI) or bypass surgery (bypass). Is that the recovery period after correction is faster than surgery.

Causes of coronary artery disease

Dr. Wichai Jirarotakoon, MD. Cardiologist Bangkok Heart Hospital said that coronary heart disease is constricted. Caused by a plaque (plaque) occurs in the artery wall. As a result, the blood flow within the blood vessels decreases as a result of ischemic heart muscle. Until chest pain occurs when exercising or getting tired more easily

How to treat coronary artery stenosis

The treatment of coronary artery stenosis (PCI) is the non-surgical treatment of coronary artery stenosis. The treatment process consists of piercing a vein in the wrist or a vein in the groin. Inserting a catheter through an artery from that area goes back up the artery that leaves the heart. Then the opaque substance was injected together with X-ray imaging to look at the abnormalities of the left and right heart blood vessels. When the abnormal position was found, it was corrected by passing a catheter and using a catheter with a balloon followed into the narrowed position and dilated. When the blood vessels are expanding well, stents are inserted to serve as a support frame to prevent the vascular wall collapse. The procedure is a normal procedure for treating coronary artery by catheter (Simple PCI).