The Convenience of Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

The Convenience of Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

Adaptive garments are designed to help improve quality of life for seniors and their families on a daily basis, while maximizing independence.

What is adaptive clothing?

Adaptive clothing is a line of specialized clothing that has been specifically designed for seniors or anyone that may struggle with getting dressed due to reduced mobility, coordination, or dexterity.

How does adaptive clothing offer convenience?

Traditional clothing can present significant problems for seniors who experience chronic health conditions that can impair physical function. For example, items like buttons and zippers may be difficult for some older adults to negotiate.

This problem is solved by using velcro or magnet closures instead of buttons or zippers. Adaptive clothing also features elastic waists and snapback closures for added convenience.

For seniors that receive regular assistance from a caregiver, there is rear-closure designed clothing available that is simple to get into, and then is done up at the back by a caregiver or helper.

Varieties of Adaptive Clothing

There is wide range of clothing articles to choose from with adaptive clothing. A lot of people think that adaptive garments are only used for people in wheel chairs, or those with extreme physical disabilities.

Adaptive clothes can be very useful for people with mild mobility issues, as well as those that are wheel chair bound or suffer from severe physical impairment. They are basically for anyone that feels restricted by traditional clothes.

Adaptive clothing is aimed at delivering comfort and convenience without sacrificing style or preference.

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Adaptive Clothing

Features of Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive garments are designed to help improve quality of life for seniors and their families on a daily basis, while maximizing independence.

Some of the features of adaptive clothing that contributes to this are:

-Stretchy fabric for comfort and ease

-Snaps, Velcro, or magnets used for closures

-Requires less strength and dexterity to fasten

-Flat seams to prevent snags and minimize friction

-For people with incontinence issues:

-Clothing that is easy to remove quickly

-Clothing with extra space for incontinence aids

-Pants with an extended back to increase comfort and coverage while sitting

-Elastic waistlines for comfort and function

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Specialized Adaptive Garments

There are many types of adaptive clothing that target specific aliments and health issues.

Alzheimer’s Clothing

Alzheimer’s is a condition with multiple stages and levels of severity. In some cases, easy to put on clothing is needed to facilitate getting dressed independently.

In more extreme cases, there may be a need to prevent an Alzheimer’s sufferer from undressing at inappropriate times. Anti-strip, or “locking” clothing is available for these situations.


For severe joint and muscle pain, open-backed clothing is available to avoid uncomfortable bending and rotating of joints.


Oedema refers to swelling of feet and legs due to fluid retention. Adjustable pants and shoes can accommodate this condition.

Retire-At-Home Services

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The experienced caregivers at Retire-At-Home can also help with daily tasks and activities to maximize independence for seniors that have chosen to remain in their own homes.

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