Ask the Expert: Retiring YOUR Way

Ask the Expert: Retiring YOUR Way

Ashley Fox, RPN and Community Outreach Coordinator at Retire-at-Home walks us through important considerations when preparing for retirement.

Ashley Fox, RPN and Community Outreach Coordinator at Retire-at-Home, has some advice for those retiring soon (or recently retired), based on her experiences and almost a decade of being a nurse in the industry.

Q: Based on your interactions with clients, what is the biggest misconception about retirement?

Ashley: They think "I'm retired at home now -  I have no health issues and I'm not worried about it until the future." Regretfully, most people wait until an emergency happens to follow up with their medical care and for health care professionals to look over their situation.

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Q: What do most people NOT consider for their post-retirement living situation?

Ashley: Most often people underestimate the funds they'll need for retirement and care. Many don't take the necessary steps to ensure their home is ready for their changing abilities and for additional care (bathroom, kitchen, able to have a walker in the home, etc.).

Q: What do you consider the most important lifestyle change post-retirement?

Ashley: If you are able to stay flexible in your mindset, and are able to adapt to change with reasonable success, post-retirement should be a happy and exciting next step in your life!

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Thanks Ashley!

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