Hazards in Your Home? What to Look for to Avoid Slips and Falls as You Age!

Hazards in Your Home? What to Look for to Avoid Slips and Falls as You Age!

From bath mats to kitchen counters, everyday household items and chores can become a real hazard as we age.

As we age, certain things around the house can become more of a hazard. Here we list 6 things to consider as you make your home (or someone you love's) safer!

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1. Throw rugs and bathroom mats

It's all too easy to get a toe stuck on the edge of a carpet, or to misstep and slide on a mat. Ensure all rugs and mats are fixed securely to the floor (if you have them at all!)

2. Bath tubs

Getting in and out of bath tubs is one of the most likely times for a fall. Ensure grab bars are in place and edges aren't too high.

3. Stairs

Whether within your home between floors, or to get in and outside, stairs can be perilous for anyone!

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4. Grab bars

While grab bars may seem like a positive, if they are placed incorrectly (too high, too low, or not secured) they can make a fall even more likely - especially when relying on them for support.

5. Accessibility to food

Rummaging through a kitchen can be hazardous at the best of times - if you or a loved one are struggling with cooking, consider a meal delivery service to help ease this everyday burden.

6. Medications

Remembering to take medications is only half the battle - remembering which ones to take when, any possible interactions, and how to store and organize them are all just as important. Don't forget your vitamins and over the counter products count as medications as well!

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