Extra Care in Long Term Care Homes – Does Your Loved One Need It?

Extra Care in Long Term Care Homes – Does Your Loved One Need It?

Sometimes you or your loved one may require a bit of extra support while living in a Long Term Care Home. Here are five ways Retire-At-Home services can help!

Families with a loved one in a Long Term Care Home often find that the LTC home has difficulty providing the individual care that the family would like their loved one to receive.

It’s not that they don’t care about you or your loved one - just that the high resident to staff ratios mean they simply don’t always have enough time to ensure all resident and family member expectations are met.

Top 5 ways Retire-At-Home Services help residents in Long Term Care

1. Companionship Services

We can be there when you can’t. Retire-At-Home can give your loved one all of the benefits of seeing a friendly face on a regular basis - and will give you the peace of mind that you're loved one is getting the care they need.

2. Social MealTime

Who you share your mealtime with is important - and our caregivers can help make mealtime the wonderful social event it is supposed to be while also ensuring your loved one is getting the nutrition they need.

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3. Specialized Dementia Care

Does your loved one live in a secure dementia unit? Our caregivers can accompany them to activities and social events outside the unit - a great opportunity for a change of scenery!

4. Outings

How about a drive to the local mall or stop at Tim’s for a coffee? Participating in outings and socializing will have your loved one feeling like a spring chicken. Just like old times!

5. Exercise

“Use it or lose it”! We love to encourage and assist your loved one when it comes to taking part in the home’s exercise programs. We can also lead them through one-on-one home support exercises or just accompany them on a stroll through the neighbourhood.

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Interested in exploring your extra care options in long term care? Retire-At-Home Services Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge is ready to speak with you about how we can improve the quality of life for your family member.

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