Sweet & Sensitive Sisters

Sweet & Sensitive Sisters
about 4 years ago

Two sisters feral sisters from a reserve rescued and safe at last. See there story here.

Sweet & Sensitive Sisters

Through thick and thin, bonded sisters Satcha and Akira have stuck it out together.

“They’ve had a rough go, but they’ve always had each other,” said Brenda Dobranski, founder of Rescue Dogs Match in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. “When we found them, they were feral, wandering around a reserve-type area, scavenging and surviving on their own. A woman who’d been feeding them finally caught them and called us. We’ve had them for a year now to try and make them comfortable living in a ‘real’ home. They’re finally at the point where they’re ready to be adopted.”

Despite their obstacle-laden past, Dobranski says the girls – both three-or-so-year-old, medium-sized, fawn-coloured, short-haired dogs who get along well with other low-key, passive canines, friendly cats and children old enough not to let them escape out an open front door – have come a long way.

Sweet & Sensitive Sisters

“They had a range of issues, including problems with their immune systems, tapeworm, excess weight and mange. The vet bills were substantial, but they’re healthy now,” she said. “They were so hard-wired to their outdoor-survival mentality that they would do things like eat their own excrement – a habit we worked really hard to break.”

In fact, when this pair of sweet souls – thought to be a mix of Shepherd, Collie and hound – first arrived at their foster home, they were so timid and scared they stayed huddled together in a corner of the house, under a large table, for the first weeks.

“We worked hard to gain their trust and, over time, they slowly came out of their shells,” Dobranski said, adding that, now nearly fully trained, there are only a few issues left for Satcha and Akira’s future adopter to deal with.

“They won’t go for a walk on a leash, so they are, ideally, looking for a home with a big backyard in a quiet or rural neighbourhood where they can run and play,” she said. “Satcha remains a bit fearful and shows some concern if she thinks her sister may be in trouble, but the time it takes for her to recover is getting better and better. Once she feels she is safe, she will warm up to absolutely anyone. She’s known to never say ‘no’ to any kind of affection – especially when it comes with a treat!”

Sweet & Sensitive Sisters

Akira, on the other hand, is a “couch-potato cuddler,” perfectly content to curl up with her people for movie. She’s also built up quite a reputation as a great kisser!

“We are looking to adopt these two sisters together, and they would make a great addition to a kind and caring family – people who have some past experience with dogs, who are patient and willing to take the time to make them feel safe and loved,” Dobranski said. “A quiet, calm setting would be best so that Satcha and Akira can have the stability they’ve been missing all their lives … but, really, all these sweet, lovely girls need is love.”

Can you open up your heart and your home to these sweet sisters? Check out Satcha and Akira’s details, in brief, below, and more information online. Be sure to connect with Rescue Dogs Match to find out more about the adoption process!

Sweet & Sensitive Sisters

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