Happy News for Mr.Magoo

Happy News for Mr.Magoo

Mr. Magoo has had a rough journey but things are looking up thanks to the support of many wonderful people.

His Story

Mr.Magoo was featured in a previous article and we wanted to share the next part of his story. To recap Mr.Magoo was found on the side of the road tangled in his leash. He is blind and has had medical complications from swelling in his eyes along with problems with his hearing. After coming to us, we were informed that he would need to have his eyes removed as they were causing him pain. He also needed a tumor removed from his ear along with blood work, x-ray and an Echo-cardiogram. The expenses quickly added up and the operation was going to cost up to $2,500.00 plus tax.

Happy News for Mr.Magoo

Mr. Magoo on the day before surgery.

Luckily due to the generous donations of many wonderful people Mr.Magoo was able to get his surgery. We are happy to report that his surgery was a success and he is no longer experiencing pain caused by his eyes. He is now recovering comfortably in his foster home. It was evident that he was much happier after the surgery was performed. The people who helped perform the surgery did a wonderful job looking after him.

Happy News for Mr.Magoo

Post Surgery

Mr. Magoo is now in long term foster care while he recovers. He is much more comfortable now and is doing well. He has been enjoying his bed and getting lots of rest.

Happy News for Mr.Magoo

Resting Up

Now that Mr.Magoo has undergone his surgery it is onto the next step of his journey. In the meantime, he will be in long term foster care due to his health issues until a permanent home can be found. Since he is blind and hard of hearing it will be difficult finding his forever home due to his special needs.

Happy News for Mr.Magoo

Mr. Magoo Resting

This sweet boy is a little cuddle bug and is happy to curl up next to people. For now he is still recovering and will remain in foster care until fully healed.

For more information please email: info@rescuedogsmatch.com