Please help support the wonderful Mr.Magoo

Please help support the wonderful Mr.Magoo

Mr.Magoo is in need of medical treatment to help with his health issues. Please consider supporting this little guy and others like him.

His Story

Mr. Magoo was found on the side of the road tangled in his leash. Named after the beloved character, Mr. Magoo is blind and hard of hearing. This has made it difficult finding his forever home due to his special needs.  When he first arrived he was in quite a bit of pain to due swelling in his eyes. His ear care has also been complicated due to a small tumor in his ear. This sweet boy never complained though.

Please help support the wonderful Mr.Magoo

Mr.Magoo-First Arrival

Mr. Magoo was wrapped in his leash with swollen eyes.

After some much needed care, Mr.Magoo's condition improved.  This boy wants nothing more than a place he can feel safe and never find himself wandering the roads in the rain, blind and alone. He has been placed in 2 homes and has been returned due to his needs. Currently though, Mr.Magoo is in desperate need of help for medical treatment.

Please help support the wonderful Mr.Magoo

Mr.Magoo having a nice nap.

This little guy now needs his eyes removed as they are causing him pain. He also has a little tumor in his ear that we are hoping to get removed as well. Along with these, he will also need blood work, x-ray and an Echo-cardiogram to make sure he is healthy enough for surgery. We have been informed that his operation can cost up to 2,500.00 plus tax.

The Procedure

1. Enucleation is the operation performed to remove an eye in dogs. This is most commonly advised to relieve uncontrollable pain associated with an eye problem. Most animals are therefore more comfortable after the surgery and appear much happier within 24 hours

2.Most ear tumors are polyp-like growths on the inside of the ear. Surgical removal of polyps can make it easier for ear care by allowing proper cleaning to prevent infection.

3.An Echo-cardiogram, also known as a cardiac ultrasound, is a sonogram of the heart. This procedure is non-invasive and painless for dogs.  It is a procedure used in some cases prior to surgery to determine the shape and fitness of the heart.

Please help support the wonderful Mr.Magoo


Mr. Magoo is a sweet little man. He is an approximately 8-year-old male Shih Tzu who is good with cats and other dogs. He would do best in a home with kids over 13, due to his medical issues. This little guy is a love bug who loves his naps and enjoys a calm home environment. He will be in long-term foster care until after his medical procedure is finished.

Please help support the wonderful Mr.Magoo

Mr. Magoo sleeping in the sun.

Update: Good News! Mr. Magoo underwent his surgery and he is healing up nicely. We are very grateful to all those who helped and that the procedure went well. Mr.Magoo will be in long term foster care due to his health issues until a permanent home can be found.

Please help support the wonderful Mr.Magoo

Mr. Magoo Resting Up

This sweet boy never complains and loves sleeping in the sun. Mr. Magoo will be in long-term foster to make sure he gets the medical attention he needs. Please consider helping this precious little man. Please consider making a donation to help Magoo by clicking here.

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