New Year's Resolution-Make A New Friend by Adopting!

New Year's Resolution-Make A New Friend by Adopting!
almost 3 years ago

A New Year's resolution you must adopt! We have many wonderful dogs ready to steal your heart and warm your home. This year meet your new best friend!

With the beginning of the New Year many animals find themselves without loving homes. A wonderful resolution to adopt this year is to save a life. We have many wonderful animals in need of homes who would love to meet you. Below are featured some of these wonderful animals.

New Year's Resolution-Make A New Friend by Adopting!

Trent-1 Year Old Male Husky mix

Up first is Trent, a one year old Husky mix who came to us from a reserve in the early fall of last year. This free-spirit and good-nature boy is looking for his forever home. He loves the outdoors and the cold. Trent is looking for an active home since he is a born runner and very athletic.  His wanderlust and independent nature means he needs to be kept on leash otherwise he may run off. He will require a home without cats as he tends to chase things. If you lead an active life and want someone who can keep up with you, Trent may be the ideal companion.

New Year's Resolution-Make A New Friend by Adopting!

Freddy-1 Year Old Male Lab Mix

Up next is Freddy, a sweet handsome boy who came to us as a stray. Due to his unknown background we do not have information about his history. What we do know that he is a sweet boy with a lot of energy. Freddy will need an experienced home willing to work with him. He is a bit nervous around new animals and will do best as an only pet. He is also learning to walk on leash and would benefit from group training to help socialize him. With gentle guidance Freddy will begin to come out of his shell. With patience and understanding he will blossom.

New Year's Resolution-Make A New Friend by Adopting!

Inca -2 Year Old Female Collie Mix

Inca was found abandoned as a puppy with her sister but were rescued and adopted out. Due to some unforeseen life changes Inca is now looking for a new forever home. Inca is a busy bee with a very sweet personality, loves kids, and dogs. She would love a home with another non-dominant dog to play with. An active home would help her burn her youthful energy and she would make an ideal running partner. Inca really loves her humans and will make a loyal friend. A fenced yard is a must due to her high energy level.

New Year's Resolution-Make A New Friend by Adopting!

Hope-3-5 Year Old Female Collie Mix

Hope is a beautiful girl who has been waiting for her forever home for some time.  This girl is loyal, independent, courageous and highly intelligent. She is an energetic, hardy outdoor type of girl that can be quite the goof at times. She would do best in an active home with lots of activity during the day followed by a  quiet relaxing night. No kids or other animals and a fenced backyard is a must. If you believe in second chances and are looking for a partner in life Hope is the girl for you.

Rescuing a dog is a big decision that requires the time to find the right match. With the right combination of love and understanding, it can be a wonderful and rewarding experience that will enrich your life and save another. If you are interested in making a change in a dog's life don't wait until 2019! Visit or for more information contact Rescue Dogs Match at