The lab results are in!

The lab results are in!
almost 3 years ago

This girl is golden!

Introducing Summer! This beautiful girl is a 2 year old Golden Lab with a heart to match.

Unfortunately this lovable girl has had a rough start in life. She was hit by a car and did not receive proper treatment for 6 months after the initial accident. This has left her with some pain in her leg and with a bad limp. With the help of her dedicated foster parent Summer will be undergoing therapy. With ongoing daily stretching and strength building techniques we have hope she will show improvement.

Despite her experiences Summer's true colors have shone through. She is a  friendly girl with a wonderful demeanor. Summer exhibits most typical lab characteristics. She has a sleek coat, expressive eyes and always wagging her tail. She's a picture perfect girl. Her kind expression is mirrored by her kind nature. Summer's good nature, sense of fun, and love of companionship make this girl a wonderful companion.

The lab results are in!

Summer will be looking for a forever home once she has had some time to heal. This sweet girl deserves a home that will take care of her and help her heal. She originally comes from a farm so a similar environment would be ideal for her happiness. A home without cats or kids under 10 is a must, testing with dogs is pending. If you think you can give this girl the loves she needs please contact us at For more information you can also checkout