URGENT Foster or Forever home needed for Sheena

URGENT Foster or Forever home needed for Sheena
almost 4 years ago

Please, take the time to read this story about Sheena. She needs your help!

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Sheena has been in our program for almost 2 years, one year of it was in a vet kennel. Sheena was a stray and almost had a break down from the stress of being in the pound. We were able to pull her and place her in a foster home. Unfortunately due to life changes for the foster she was no longer able to foster Sheena and that is when she was moved to a vet clinic for boarding. Sheena had to be walked at least two times a day and this started to take its toll on the volunteers and Sheena was getting more fussy about not wanting to go back into the run. We found what we had thought to be the perfect foster home for Sheena but due to Sheena being very reactive to other animals and in a new environment ( she does not like change ) proved to be to much for the new foster and she had to be moved.

URGENT Foster or Forever home needed for Sheena

We were panic stricken as Sheena could not go back into any type of kennel system we rented a hotel room for Sheena after exhausting pleas, offering to pay someone to foster her, looking at renting a barn for her – nothing panned out and time was not on our side.

After three months of living in a hotel room we found a foster home with someone Sheena knew but now only one month after moving into a home she is now being displaced again. The house is being sold and the foster is unable to take Sheena with her.

Please share Sheena’s story she is in URGENT need of a foster or forever home. The best type of environment for her would be a home in a quiet neighborhood or rural area with a semi retired or retired individual or couple. This girl just cannot seem to catch a break and she is such a character, we really do think she speaks a few words.

Breed: German Shepherd X

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

Age: 6 yrs




NO Apartments

Fenced in backyard

Sheena is a gorgeous girl with a smile that will light up any room! She is an obedient girl who loves to please, especially if a good bum rub is the reward…or some yummy treats! She knows all of her basic commands and is completely housebroken. She is good meeting all people, however, she is not good with other animals. Sheena exhibits very high prey drive and will try to chase small animals. She walks like an angel on leash but will pull and bark at times if she sees another dog. This is something that is being worked on and with proper handling and positive rewards, she is responding well.

Sheena would be the perfect companion for an experienced owner who is looking for a smart, cheeky and obedient dog. She likes to get giddy and run around you giving play bows for fun and will cozy up on the sofa to watch a movie with you during down time. We are seeking an experienced home for Sheena with no other animals, no children and in a calm home not in a busy city. A home with a fenced in yard is a must