How to choose the best bed wedge?

How to choose the best bed wedge?

Many people suffer from various issues related to back pain and sleep disorders. Often they are unable to figure out the primary causes behind such troubles.

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Many people suffer from various issues related to back pain and sleep disorder. Often they are unable to figure out the primary causes behind such troubles. If you are facing such issues, the problem may lie in your bedding and posture. The posture while sleeping is involuntary and hence it is not always possible to consciously maintain it. But you can easily rectify it by choosing the right bedding. A great bed accessory to minimize such pains and disorders is a bed wedge. We have shared a few tricks to choose the best variant that will be most suitable in your situation in this post.

Do you need bed wedges?

The first thing to do would be judging your health condition and whether bed wedge is the best solution for it. People suffering from snoring, back pain, heartburn, shoulder pain, tending to eat or work on the bed may require these wedges. If you have any of these conditions, this bedding accessory is applicable for you. However, make sure that you are choosing a product from a reputable brand that has a standard quality and budget-friendly options.


The material which is used for making the bed wedge is of high importance in determining the right choice. The material affects the durability, rigidity or softness and the overall performance of the wedge. Bed wedges can be made of different materials like polyurethane foam, memory foam, polyester fibre fill and even covers. If you want a stiff and rigid option, the polyurethane foam is a good choice. For a more malleable structure, memory foam is more popularly chosen by customers.

Size and width

This should be accurately measured while choosing the bed wedge so that it is comfortable enough and does not add to your problem. The size should be a perfect match for your bed size. Most reputable brands like mattress wedge king have standard sizes as per the usual bed dimensions. But if you have a customized bed, then the wedge should be accordingly chosen or you may have to get a customized one made that complements the bed perfectly. Its tilt should also be considered however, it is a personal preference and best to consult the store expert about the ideal height for you.


The wedge pillow can be used in two positions- against the headboard for sitting upright or at your lumbar area for better support while sleeping. The design should be chosen such that it can be used for both purposes. This way, it will be cost effective enough and you can make the most of the bed wedge that you are investing in.

Besides the factors we have shared above, the price and quality are important factors too. A reputed brand will have products that are suitable for everyone and also has a cost-effective price. Your spinal health is a very important part of your lifestyle and should not be neglected under any circumstances hence make sure you do everything possible to pamper your back and spinal conditions.